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Why You Shouldn’t Support Moose Blood

April 12, 20173 min read

If you’re the type of person who listens to pop punk bands and you follow other people who do too on any social media, chances are, you heard about what happened with Moose Blood last month. To summarize it, the drummer, Glenn Harvey, sent unsolicited pictures and videos of his penis to someone and although the victim spoke about it over a year ago, the band chose to ignore it. Only two weeks ago did this start to get the attention it should have at the beginning and funnily enough, Moose Blood only mentioned something about it now that it was threatening their career.

Not only this, but there have also been allegations towards the lead vocalist (although the victim has since privatized their twitter so what was said about him can’t be seen anymore).

A few days after people started to talk about this more than previously, Rocksound published an article stating how Moose Blood have “temporarily” kicked Glenn Harvey out the band. Of course, this is better than them not saying a word on the matter but it certainly doesn’t all of a sudden make them good people. They purposely chose to ignore the accusations for over a year until people started saying they didn’t want to support the band anymore. It seems as though they’ve only acknowledged this situation to save their career. They knew that if they said something about it and made an awful apology (which didn’t mention other allegations towards the vocalist), then people will continue to support their music.

Unfortunately, they were right. They made the facebook post, the Rocksound article was published, and then everything went back to how it was before. People still support them even though the band never even said sorry. If they genuinely meant that they don’t “support any disrespectful or inappropriate behavior towards anyone” (said in the facebook post), they would have done this over a year ago.

I’m guessing that some of you may be reading this article and are thinking “this drama happened a few weeks ago and they’ve already apologized. Just forget about it”. The thing is, an apology is just that. Just an apology. Whether they meant it or not, it doesn’t mean they still deserve support from thousands of fans after sexually harassing one or more individuals.

So sure, it’s great that a lot of people have stopped supporting them (myself included), but they’ve recently been announced for festivals such as Reading and Download. Do yourself a favor and instead of watching someone live who has sexually harassed others, go see other bands at these festivals. Go see Creeper, Halsey, Two Door Cinema Club, or anyone else other than Moose Blood. Also, goes without saying, don’t carry on buying their music and/or merch. Spend your money on bands who don’t sexual harass others.

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