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Wonder Woman Projected To Sell $65 Million At The Box Office

May 15, 20173 min read

As we all know the new summer blockbuster film Wonder Woman is due to play near a theater near you June 2nd,2017. As the fourth entry of the DC cinematic universe and the first DC movie led by a female of this decade, the box office projections are coming in at $65 million for domestic opening box office.

The problem stems that is a very low projection in regards of the previous predictions of other DC movies.Still lets take into account that many sources cite the projection form $65M to $75M domestically. There is no agreement whether the film will be successful or flop.

To understand this we must look a the definition of what is a box office projection.It is the tracking of the result earnings of the film and its varying degrees of success.Early box office projections are a way to prepare or to help a studio for the final marketing of the film.In this case it looks disappointing.

Its evident that Hollywood isn’t looking forward to this film.After other women led comic book adaptations were failures based on their box office ,such as Catwoman or Elektra ,Hollywood has given up in  Female superheroes.The previous films mentioned were directly used as examples to discredit how in profitable are they in a 2015 email by the Marvel CEO and the head of Sony after the controversial Sony hack. While there is no lie about the failure of these movies, they were mostly flops because of the horrible critical reviews and to blame women for the failure of these films is redundant. That is many examples of male comic book led movies because they were critically panned.As Mashable´s Angie Han explained

The anxiety that WW isn’t being marketed heavily enough makes perfect sense … if WW bombs the lesson won’t be “BVS and Suicide Squad ruined the brand” or “we should have marketed this harder” or even “maybe we should have made a better movie.” There’s a real risk that the takeaway will be “see, girl superhero movies don’t sell.”

Otherwise there is no reason to think that Wonder Woman will fail.With many other movies that had taken into consideration Box Office predictions they did better than expected,for example Logan was set to $60M but earned $88M domestic opening weekend and Kong:Skull Island was projected at $48M but earned $61M.In conclusion while Wonder Woman will most probably not be a failure, still this box office projection still projects the way Hollywood treats Female Blockbuster movies.

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