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Enjoy Skins? You’ll Love This New BBC Show!

March 23, 20172 min read

Jess Brittain is back at it again. Her initial fame-spike for writing scenes of ‘Skins’ has led her to create a new show, new characters, and new stories. Clique first aired on the 5th March 2017 and it certainly has not disappointed.

If like me, you loved Skins and the insights into each character’s feelings, Clique is perfect for you. The first episode begins by introducing best friends (of 11 years) Holly and Georgia, it’s their first year at Edinburgh University and they are both under pressure from university expectations. After seeing the first episode my impression was very similar to that of Skins. Personal character problems mixed in with drinking, drugs, sex and partying. The twist that shocked me was the thrilling depth to the show. Skins often felt like watching a story with no plot, but the thrilling aspect is shown through Clique as a way to keep you hooked on.

The characters all have secrets that are slowly being revealed, it feels like you cannot trust anyone and I feel like this reflects the themes shown in shows such as Pretty Little Liars. Except, without the American high-school background setting. Of the three episodes that have been released

Of the three episodes that have been released, it has expanded with plot possibilities each week. Which to me as a viewer allows me to continue thinking about the story even after the episode has finished, so well done to Jess!

The ambiguous meaning of each event and the development of all the characters makes it a show that isn’t to be missed. Although it is only on a small scale at the moment, I really believe that it is set up for success in the near future

For those of you living in the UK, it’s available on BBC iPlayer every Sunday at 10am! Perfect for a lazy morning lie-in on Sunday Morning.

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