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Worst Film Ever? Tommy Wiseau is Back – With a Shark Movie

February 21, 20195 min read

On February 9th, a trailer of Tommy Wiseau’s new movie Big Shark was released. Fans of cult classic The Room will be glad to hear that Wiseau is coming back with another bizarre creation. Pairing once again with George Sestero, Wiseau stars as one of the main characters and directs the movie, providing the viewers with even more of his infamously-awkward lines even just a few seconds into the trailer.

In 2003, The Room— a dramatic romantic film, directed, produced and written by Wiseau himself was released. Starring him too, it centres on a melodramatic love triangle between a banker Johny (Wiseau), his fiancée Lisa (Juliette Danielle) and Johny’s best friend Mark (Greg Sestero). First written as a play in 2001The Room was then adapted into a book. However, Wiseau failed to get it published, so he decided to create a film, directing and producing it himself in order to maintain control over the creative process.

With numerous plot holes, negative criticism on cinematography, acting and directing, The Room holds a proud title of being the “best worst movie ever made.” Nevertheless, it still did not stop The Room to gradually enter the world of cinematic academia: ”It is one of the most important films of the past decade,” says Ross Morin, an assistant professor of film studies at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. ”It exposes the fabricated nature of Hollywood. The Room is the Citizen Kane of bad movies.”

Considering such a comically turbulent experience in directing, one would consider it to be wiser for Wiseau to stay away from directing. Yet, his new creation, Big Shark, is set to release in September. A trailer was released on YouTube, with extremely limited exposure to the nature of the movie and in 360p quality. It opens with Wiseau and his co-stars sitting in a bar when an unpleasant encounter with two men leads to one of them getting slapped. As the trio begins walking towards the parking, water floods to their feet — to which Wiseau exclaims, “Water! Look at that!”

Although the trailer is mostly ambiguous about the plot of the movie, there is no doubt that Big Shark will provide fans of The Room with great comedy. Considering the poor visual effects present in the trailer, the lack of dynamic dialogue and an overall homemade feel, Wiseau’s attempt at shooting for the big screen will probably end up with a flop. Hopefully, a hilarious one.

The movie is supposedly being released in 2019. However, some doubt its authenticity: an entertainment reporter Germain Lussier claimed on Twitter that it is “mostly a joke and probably not going to happen… they aren’t planning on making it a movie”. Perhaps, all of this is an attempt to bring attention back to the controversial persona of Wiseau. After the release of The Disaster Artist in 2017, the mysterious Wiseau has been brought back into the spotlight — could Big Shark just an attempt to do so once again?

Although it is uncertain whether the movie is being released, the poorly-made trailer surely has excited fans of The Room, as well as numerous media outlets. It is almost certain that Big Shark will become a box-office hit: not because of it being a genius creation but rather due to the name “Wiseau” being a significant part of the credits.

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