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Xipi~Teca Hosts a Self Love Festival for Women of Color

Early last month, Indie shop Xipi~Teca hosted their first annual self-love festival in Los Angeles titled “Love Thyself.” The venue was surrounded by women of color who shared an affinity for self-love and growth. When asked about the event, Xipi~Teca stated, “We wanted to create a self-love centered festival that is specifically curated to create community by providing a safe space for dialogue, learning, as well as networking. To unite, share and to inspire each other. The Love Thyself Festival is a one-day motivational, music festival filled with a range of ancestral spirituality to radical self-love, and DIY workshops.”

Love Thyself Fest 2019 was a groundbreaking moment for the community as it featured a variety of different workshops where speakers emphasized the importance of self-acceptance and worship. XipiTeca teamed up with other shops and vendors to create a community of small self-started businesses in efforts of supporting each other selling everything from healing crystals, handmade candles, accessories, and clothing. Vendors included small shops such as GentleRiot, TheMoodyActivist, and more.

Image via Carina Ortiz
Image via Carina Ortiz

Adriana and Gaby are the sisters behind the Xipi~Teca brand. They grew up watching their mother hustle to care for their family. Adriana, the creator, always thought of herself as an artist. She stated, “I have always had a love for fashion and I kept looking for formal clothing that would represent my culture as well as be flattering for my body. I was unable to find it and that is what drove me to start my clothing line.” Gaby is the organizer and hustler of half of the company. Her dedication and passion for equality help Xipi~Teca move forward in entrepreneurship. Both women successfully put together Love Thyself Festival, creating a place where women were able to come together and express the way society makes them feel while celebrating the differences in each other.

Xipi~Teca celebrates the magic in all women of color and all body types by personalizing everything they make. Invoking the spirit of femininity, love, and culture. The ultimate mission is to create a brand that highlights the divine beauty of being a woman of color. Practicing self-love and embracing the differences that make every woman special is part of it.

“We wanted to create a self love centered festival that is specifically curated to create community by providing a safe space for dialogue, learning and networking. To unite, share and to inspire each other.” – Xipi~Teca

Featured Image via XipiTeca

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