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Young AND Talented: Meet 5-year-old Jayden

July 30, 20173 min read

Selah Marie, a 24-year-old self-taught photographer from the state of Virginia has created her own little protégé… her 5-year-old son Jayden (@lilvisual on instagram). Selah introduced her son to professional photography by bringing Jayden along to her photo-shoots at the mere age of 3! The talented 5-year-old Jayden (that’s right – FIVE) first picked up a professional camera on December 30, 2016, and began using it!

“I had a group shoot I was doing in Charlotte and my son was with me and my friends and he didn’t have anything to do while we all were shooting and I had an extra camera in my bag so I gave it to him and told him to shoot and once he started shooting what I was shooting I realized that he was really good at so I continue on teaching how to shoot.”

The young creative inspired by his mother demonstrates the importance of encouraging young kids to pursue and develop their talents, by bringing Jayden along to her shoots Selah discovered a hidden talent in her son! Selah mentioned in our discussion how during her shoots Jayden shoots what she shoots. She plans on encouraging Jayden to continue pursuing photography, the older he gets, following in her own footsteps as a professional photographer.

Selah herself has been pursuing photography since 2015 as a self-taught photographer. In the past she has also been involved in front of the camera, rather than behind the camera as a model, however, chose to get behind the lens as a serious photographer once she realised that modelling just wasn’t for her. In discussing photography and her journey in the world of photography, I learnt that her favourite style of shoots include beauty portraits. “I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way. I always like to show them that,” says Selah.

Both Selah and Jayden clearly have an eye for beauty when it comes to camera work and in Jayden’s photography, we can see Selah’s influence and her own love for the beauty in photography. Take a look at Selah’s photography on Instagram: @visualnarrator for a closer look at her style.

Her 5-year-old son has received a lot of attention and support as a photographer due to his professional shots and inspirational love for the camera. Keep a look out for Jayden as he continues to grow as a photographer! Take a closer look at his photography on Instagram: @lilvisual

taken from @lilvisual via Instagram

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