Your Name

February 2, 20181 min read

This is a poem about people who didn’t necessarily distance themselves but who have changed. It’s about coming back to someone and not finding the same space you had before.

The last time I said your name,

I said it unto the wind.


Asking it to keep you safe,

until I can come home to you.

Where your chest was hollowed out

just for me.


The person you are,

is not the person I loved,

the person I curled into,

when I was afraid.


Even if you come back to me,

I can’t return,

until the wind gives me your name back.


Giving me a sign,

that flowers are growing,

and everything is coming back

to normal.


Giving me sign,

that the ashes were buried,

and that the sun is coming up.


Giving me a sign,

giving me a sign.



if I go up to the ocean,

where the breeze is the strongest,

where the air is the sweetest,

we can return to each other.


But coming home,

is not the same.

And it never will be, again.

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