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    Are We Really Ready To Embrace Truly Diverse Media?

    It’s TV cancellation season and along with that comes all the great new shows about diverse people- oh, wait, not this time. It seems like the executives at some of the biggest networks (Notably, FOX and ABC) aren’t sure how to sustain TV shows that don’t include pasty white faces.The most recent example of this is […]

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    We Are Tired of Good Shows Getting Canceled

    This week FOX announced that one of their comedy shows, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been canceled. This came as a shock to me and many others, as just last week many trustworthy websites such as SpoilerTV and TV Series Finale, showed that the show was straying away from possible cancelation. Obviously, these predictions are never 100% accurate, but […]

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    The Reboot Market

    On April 13th, Netflix released Lost In Space, a new take on the classic 1966 TV show of the same name. For those who don’t know (which I bet are many of you, considering the show is over 50 years old and I had to ask my mom about it), Lost In Space is about […]

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    ‘Scandal’ Is Over, But Olivia Pope’s Character Will Live on Forever

    *Disclaimer: spoiler alerts ahead* On Thursday, April 19, the award-winning show, Scandal, aired for the final time. Fans of the show said goodbye to Washington D.C fixer Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), the beloved “Gladiators”, and other key players. Scandal revolutionized primetime TV in 2012 by being the first TV show to cast an African-American woman in a strong […]

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    Why Black Lightning Matters

    A post-season reflection and summary of the series Black Lightning on The CW. #BLM (Black Lightning Matters!) Warning: May contain spoilers. While the premise of yet another superhero show may seem a bit overused and blase amidst shows like Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, The Arrow, and movies like The Avengers and Black Panther, […]

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    ‘Queer Eye’ Is More Important Than Ever

    I began watching Queer Eye, the reboot on Netflix, several days ago. At first glance, it emulates an average makeover show, with offerings of a quick progression from complete mess to a completed man, as well as the quirky personalities of each of its five hosts. It exemplifies the before and the after of a person’s […]