Now Reading: A Treat For the Clone Wars Fans: A Review of ‘The Mandalorian’ Season Two Episode Five


A Treat For the Clone Wars Fans: A Review of ‘The Mandalorian’ Season Two Episode Five

December 3, 20206 min read

Warning: This article contains spoilers of The Mandalorian: Season Two, Episode Five.

Now, this episode was something special indeed!

Starting off, the episode was written and directed by Clone Wars writer/director Dave Filoni. Even better, this is the episode in which we finally meet Asoka Tano (Rosario Dawson), a beloved Clone Wars character. I must say, this was great. I was a little worried that they might have changed the appearance of her character, but fortunately the CGI, costuming and make-up were done perfectly!

The Mandalorian (2019). Image via YouTube.

Moving on, I loved how things seem to finally be coming together within this epsiode. There have been so many detours within the last few episodes, but Mando and The Child have finally reached some form of conclusion-or so we think. Asoka Tano helps us in finding out the origins of Baby Yoda and we learned that he is a Jedi and his name is … Grogu! However, Tano is extremely reluctant to train him due to previous instances (aka Anakin). Nonetheless, by the end of the episode, she does instruct Mando to go to the planet Typhon which will help Grogu’s path become more clear. I did find this part a little frustrating as it made this episode feel somewhat pointless, as it didn’t fully aid in Mando and Grogu’s story progression. However, we have three more episodes and I think a lot will be going down within these episodes. Let’s not forget, Moff Gideon has a tracking device on Mando’s ship and Thrawn is now in the talks too…

I love how there were a few nods to some important characters within the franchise. As mentioned previously, there was a subtle nod to Anakin’s downfall. Moreover, thanks to Asoka Tano, our beloved Yoda was finally mentioned. Furthermore, a key, but not as well-known character was mentioned by Tano: Thrawn. Now, if you don’t know who Thrawn is, I advise you to look him up! To put it briefly, Thrawn is an Imperial officer that is extremely strategic and ruthless. He will clearly be getting some well-deserved screen time within this show and I must say I am excited for his appearance.

Another area I loved within this episode was Filoni’s use of crafting the opening scene from the perspective of the wicked magistrate- Morgan Elsbeth (Diana Lee Inosanto). From the Star Wars franchise, Jedis are highly regarded. However, this episode offers us an alternate view of them as being evil sorcerers, but Filoni quickly brings us back to the Jedi’s side through Mando’s meeting with Tano. However, through Tano’s story, Morgan’s negative manner towards Jedis is still justified due to us learning that her family was killed. Through this narrative, Filoni makes a clear point that there is no black and white position between characters- they all have faults at the end of the day. This isn’t the first time we have seen the show’s writers playing around with perspectives. For example, in the first episode of this season, Favreau also offers us a new and positive view of the Tusken Raiders. Similarly, the show as a whole offers a new perspective due to it being focused on Mandalorians- previously viewed negatively. Another example is Din, through which the creators demonstrate a less robotic bounty hunter, that does in fact have feelings and isn’t all bad. I quite like this technique offered by Favreau of changing the viewer’s perspectives throughout the show, as it provides a greater depth to characters and to the franchise as a whole.

Star Wars: Rebels (2014). Image via YouTube.

Overall, I think this episode was done so well. I loved the dark and mysterious cinematography which worked amazingly with the mysterious character of Asoka Tano. Moreover, there was a lot of great action and well-needed information given, again adding to the enjoyability of the episode. One thing that I must say I missed in this episode, was Favreau’s use of humour to break up the tension. Nonetheless, the episode was still amazingly done. I must say Filoni did a great job and it was a massive improvement from the last episode he wrote and directed (The Gunslinger).

Chapter 14 of The Mandalorian airs on Friday 4 December on Disney Plus.

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