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Defending My SELF-LOVE

You don’t need someone to tell you how pretty you are or how your smile can light up a dark room. When you begin to love yourself, you don’t rely on other people for your happiness. To love yourself, your mind and body, means to accept this is reality, and no one can tear down your walls. They can try, but little do they know the amount of walls that are right behind it.

I am blooming, a perennial

Delicate petals but my roots are strong

He loves me, he loves me not


I don’t need anyone to show me emotion, affection, attention, devotion

I have blossomed

I have learned how to love myself


Constant neglect,

He loves taking my nectar

I have plenty to offer, but no one can come around and get seconds

Don’t be fooled by my aroma


I am blooming seasonally

I pick myself up when the rain pours me down

I pick myself back up when the blizzard’s wind tries to dear down my walls



I love my curves, my edges

I love my petals

I am a flower, delicate, yet my thorns are up

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