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Important Instagrams All People Seeking Self Love Should Follow

Everybody loves Instagram. From the funny meme pages to the social justice pages and news pages, to the celebrities we hate to love to follow, to the friends we follow; Instagram is quite possibly, the biggest social media platform at the moment, and I for one, love it. With that love in mind, Instagram can be a positive and beautiful platform for a specific group of people; artists, and in particular, artists with messages to spread.

This is a list I’ve compiled of some artists who use their Instagram to spread importance messages and to connect with people through shared experiences.

  1. Christie of
    An Instagram filled with artwork that is proving cathartic and therapeutic to both Christie, and her followers, who have dealt with or are dealing with Eating Disorders. Both the artwork and the captions, help convey important messages about ED’s and the dangerous pre-conceived ideas that go along with them. It’s an Instagram full to the brim of artwork about mental illness and it effects, and the importance of body positivity and healing oneself.
  2. Marcela of marcelailustra
    As the bio reads, Marcela is a “self-love, mental health and body positivity enthusiast” and her Instagram directly reflects that. Her artworks focus on women and positive messages that should be sent to them; about aging, and body positivity, and just complete acceptance of one’s self.

  3. Nora of selftherapista
    Nora has focussed her Instagram and her artwork as being a sort of therapy, as she drew herself towards accepting her miscarriage and acceptance of herself. Her images, while simplistic in nature, convey a deeper and more poignant message of her pain and her suffering, and it’s beautiful in its heartbreak. She uses these illustrations daily to gain a deeper understanding of herself and how she can heal, and it’s magnificent to bear witness to.

  4. Libby of libbyshappyproject
    Libby is a 16-year-old artist, who uses her artwork as a reminder of her happiness and to be accepting of herself and others. She is extremely conscious of representing all people and accepting them in her artwork. And her works are beautiful in their simplicity, they’re adorable and welcoming and just wonderful.
  5. Henn Kim of henn_kim
    This artwork is slightly different to the others, as Henn Kim channel more of a darker, shaded almost tattoo like artistry, and the messages of self-love and acceptance are less upfront than the others, but more open to interpretation. Also, they are just beautiful artworks and just so wonderful (also check out Henn Kim’s online store where you can buy t-shirts with certain artworks printed)
  6. Frances of frances_cannon
    Frances is one of the most talked about body-positivity artists on Instagram, with her simplistic and beautiful images of a various representation of bodies and people. She spreads a message of loving oneself and others, regardless of difference existing between them.

These are but a few of the various body-positive artists using Instagram as one platform to highlight and showcase their artwork, and with the growing use of social media, why wouldn’t you? So go and support these artists, in whatever way you can, because body-positivity and mental illnesses and eating disorders and representation of all people, should be talked about and expressed and de-stigmatised and these artists are helping that occur.


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Nina is an 18-year-old introverted girl who is passionate about inclusive feminism, body positivity and religious studies - and when she's not writing she's probably watching SKAM, trying to learn Norwegian or stuck with her head in a book.

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