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Pete Davidson Has Been Problematic All Along

The well-known lyrics from Ariana Grande’s fourth studio album Sweetener, “I thought you into my life, look at my mind,” no longer applies in terms of Pete Davidson, despite the song being both named after and about him.

As of October 14, it was announced by TMZ that the couple were calling off their engagement as well as their relationship on a whole.

Though many people seem to be surprised about the sudden breakup, countless of these shocked fans sharing their thoughts and feelings about Grande and Davidson’s split on Twitter, it isn’t too hard to understand why the relationship might not have lasted, to begin with.

After all, Pete Davidson has been problematic all along.

At a charity event several months ago, the SNL comedian Pete Davidson joked about the tragic terrorist attack that took place at Grande’s concert in Manchester in early 2017.

“Even Britney Spears didn’t have a terrorist attack at her concert,” laughed Davidson with an interviewer. Despite Davidson’s claims of simply trying to make a joke and make light of the situation — countless people argued that there was no way to make a joke out of something so serious. As a result of Davidson’s tactlessness resurfacing on the web, Ariana Grande took the time to respond to her fiancé’s insensitive words.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse than making thoughtless jokes about such a significant incident, Davidson proceeded against his fiancée rather than with her when she had been groped on live television by a bishop at Aretha Franklin’s funeral.

Though the incident was recorded and it is not hard to see where the bishop’s hands are, Pete Davidson still decided to ignore what was right in front of him and stand up for the bishop.

Davidson said in response to the occurrence, “It’s not cool and I feel really bad . . . don’t think that was intentional.”

Rather than simply standing with his fiancé, Davidson chose to support the bishop instead, ultimately leading to fans of Ariana Grande to call Davidson out for being “disgusting” and unsupportive of his fiancé.

And now, in light of their split, several more fans of Ariana have come to show their support for the singer and their strong dislike toward Pete.

Ariana Grande has stood for strength after the Manchester terrorist attack, for women, and for many other things that Pete Davidson does not really seem to stand for — or at least so he’s shown us during his short engagement with Ariana. Pete has made cruel jokes about an incident that has been most traumatic and harrowing for Ariana, failed to support her at a time in which the Internet was furious after footage of her being groped was seen everywhere on live television, and most often has failed to speak seriously on any of the aforementioned occurrences.

Let’s face it: Ariana is much better off without someone as problematic as Pete.

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