Now Reading: What a White, Trump-Supporting YouTuber Really Thinks About Black Lives Matter


What a White, Trump-Supporting YouTuber Really Thinks About Black Lives Matter

August 30, 20179 min read

As a loyal viewer of an Indonesian youtuber living in the U.S. named Pita’s Life, I am ashamed to find out about her dismissing the movement Black Lives Matter on her massive platform with approximately 200K+ subscribers. I should have unsubscribed months ago when I found out that they were Trump supporters. At that time I still thought to myself, “Everyone has different opinions, maybe they are actually good people at hearts”. However, I now unsubscribe to Pita’s channel after watching her last vlog. I find Pita and her husband to be misleading, since they influence people not only in the U.S, but also in Indonesia, where most are barely educated about Black Lives Matter yet enjoy black cultures to the point that a local rapper uses the term “rich chigga” (a name originated from the N-word).

If you watch this particular vlog (watch: here) starting at 5:06, you can see how Pita’s white husband, Travis, felt confused on how the media put such a bad light to the racist Charlottesville rally that happened about a week ago. He said something about how the rally was only attended by 150 people or so, but liberals got extremely indignant towards that alt-right protest.Travis assumed this fact as unfair, since the media was praising Black Live Matters rally which, he said, was barbaric and full of riots. This is the exact statement that Travis uttered:

“All the Black Lives Matter people, who have been rioting for the last couple of years in the street — destroying property, burning down homes, and attacking people — the media did not ever demonize them (black lives matter people). (The media) said that BLM people were angry and the message was based on real oppression. Basically saying that their behaviour is acceptable, these BLM people hate white people. They are black nationalists who want to own black states. And those people, according to liberal media, were okay.”

This statement is completely misleading, thus I commented on their video that they gotta do more research on the BLM movement. Nevertheless, both of them got so angry and highlighted my comment (which is better in a way that MORE people now know that BLM is based on racial oppression, because that’s the real context that I wanted to execute). Travis got so angry and began calling me an idiot:



Basically, he told me, a supporter of the BLM movement, as an idiot. Travis gave me his opinions which he kindly broke down into three constructive points:

  1. “The BLM movement started over a FALSE story of a black kid being murdered by police. The black man had robbed a store and then attacked a police officer, attempting to take his gun. BLM movement is a violent thing that has burnt buildings, cars, damaged properties, and attacked innocent people. They have called for attacks against white people and cops. We all have eyes and ears, we have seen what they do and what they say.”
  2. “Back nationalists and supremacists are very real. They call them Black Hitler for a reason.”
  3. “Supporting Trump for POTUS does not make anyone a white supremacist because TRUMP IS NOT A WHITE SUPREMACIST AND HAS CONDEMNED THEM MANY TIMES. Many people of color who know far more about politics, freedom, and liberty, also voted for Trump

There are so many things false about his neatly-constructed points, but he was still going strong:

He got so offended after being called as “white supremacist”, but he went on bashing about a movement that involves major killings by law enforcement. Tavis said:

“Being as I am married to an Asian (Pita is an Indonesian), and I am mixed, not all white, it is stupid to call me a white supremacist. I have done my research, and when I get home I will send you articles showing the information you may be unaware of.”

I have heard statements like that before, “I have black friends; therefore, I cannot be racist”. You are still a narrow-minded prejudiced individual, though. He said he was mixed, but I’m sure as hell he will not be stopped or threatened by a police looking that flavorless white. He said he had done his own research — did he, really? This Travis guy was still going strong, though:


Pita’s husband kept saying again and again, “The anger that created BLM is based by false reporting that they are being killed in a great numbers by the government, when according to the FBI, more whites are killed by police than black people.” What infuriates me until now is the fact that this white guy blatantly stated, “I disagree that you or that black people are oppressed, you are protected by the same law as whites and have the same rights”. Can’t you believe how a man can be so blindly deluded, he thinks everyone has the same privilege regardless of race? I’m not even surprised, because he’s a Caucasian living in Texas and working for the government (Air Force), so that part is inevitable. Nevertheless, another boring explanation about how he “came from a very poor family and worked very hard for what I have. I have no legal protection or benefits that your husband has” — at this point, he was trying to dismiss somebody’s husband for being a marine while black. Caucasians love to use the “growing up as poor peasants” as a weapon when their privileges are being checked. The real privilege isn’t about that, it’s when one does not feel genuinely terrified when approached by police, when one is not shot dead when holding a BB gun, when one is not shot dead in a police custody, when one is not mistakenly shot during his graduation ceremony (an Asian American was shot for holding a pen nights before his graduation).

In conclusion, Travis — alongside her brainwashed Indonesian wife — supports Trump, who isn’t a white supremacist according to him. He denounces the BLM movement as barbaric and full of black nationalists who wish to build their own states. When debating with this white guy, I apologized a couple of times for probably offending his ego, but he kept attacking me as an “idiot”.  All of this debating get on my nerves, but now I know how dense and egoistical some people are. They refuse to be open-minded and belittle the “liberals”, and keep on sending the wrong messages on their massive platform, especially to their majority of viewers, Indonesian people, who have little or no understanding about this matter.This white guy’s ego is so big, he got intensely humiliated when called as a “white supremacist”, yet he condemned a whole powerful movement. As Martin Luther King once said, the worst people were not the KKK or anything like that — the worst ones were the white moderates, who chose to be silent in times of racial prejudices. Shame on both of these grown-ups. Meanwhile….


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