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4 Things We Want To See In Season 2 Of 13 Reasons Why

May 8, 20175 min read

Recently the critically acclaimed 13 Reasons Why was renewed for a second season. This Netflix original depicted the suicide of Hannah Baker and how her fellow classmates all contributed to her death.

Now since this show premiered on March 31, it’s been hard to say you haven’t heard about it. It became Netflix’s most tweeted-about show, surpassing Orange Is The New Black and Stranger Things. A second season has been in high demand especially after the plethora of cliffhangers left at the end of the finale episode.

So it’s no surprise that this afternoon Selena Gomez executive producer of the show confirmed season 2 would be coming soon.

After season one focusing on Hannah’s suicide and how it affected her classmates, here are four things we want to see in the next season.

1. A deeper look into Skye’s life

If you remember throughout the show, the characters frequently visited Monet’s, cafe which showed the build up and fallout of Hannah’s friendship with both Jess and Alex. Working there was Skye, a girl who is a junior at the same school but we only ever hear snippets of her story when she talks to Clay.

After being so involved with Hannah, Clay desperately wants to help Skye after learning of her self-harming and depression. Clay goes as far to ask Skye if they want to hang out and at the end of the final episode, and they do so with Toney and his boyfriend.

It was clear to everyone after the show finished that they wanted to hear more of her story and see what is going on in her life especially since we only ever see her at work.

2. Alex Standall: is he alive?

At the end of season one, most probably the biggest cliffhanger was the attempted suicide on Alex’s part. Though we can’t really say attempted or suicide. For one, no one really knows if Alex is still alive, the doctors driving him to the hospital said he was in critical condition and it can be assumed that he was immediately rushed to surgery, but no one knows if he is alive or dead.

Furthermore, we saw Tyler take down a picture of Alex after it was revealed that he had been shot, and even though most people believe that Alex attempted suicide (he was showing all the signs including attempting to drown himself), some believe that Tyler may be responsible (although highly unlikely because Alex defended Tyler against a bully).

3.  Who really is Tony?

Even though he is shown in every episode, we really don’t know anything about Tony except for the fact that he was close to Hannah and her parents, cared about Clay and had a boyfriend. One of the most talked about topics after the show was why Tony followed Clay around as much as he did. It was clear that he cared about what Clay did and cared even more that the tapes got to who they were supposed to. He was the only one of the main characters to not be featured on the tapes and was the person who Hannah sent them to originally. Basically, we just want to learn more about him and his family and his life in general.

4. What is Tyler planning?

We all know something scary is about to happen. Tyler has managed to build up quite an extensive collection of guns over the course of the thirteen episodes and it was quite clear he was planning something. Right before his deposition, Tyler was seen putting guns and a plethora of ammunition into a storage box and then covering it with clothes. Tyler has been bullied by many and now it is clear that he is seeking revenge, most likely in the form of a school shooting. Many people have said that they would like season two to focus on Tyler so they are able to have a closer look into the mind of a school shooter especially after there have been many similar cases in real life.

The premise of season two have not yet been released but one thing is clear: whatever the writers and producers decide to focus on is highly awaited, and there is a strong hope that it does its job in educating the people who watch it as the season before it did.

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