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5 Lesser Known Female Artists You Absolutely Have To Check Out

August 11, 20177 min read

I am always looking for new sounds and new voices, so I tend to forage about Spotify to find music outside of the mainstream bracket. There is so much talent in the music industry that it’s sometimes hard to keep up with all the new artists and their releases. However, there are some true gems amongst the up and coming wave of musicians that shouldn’t be skipped over in your browsing. Here is a selection of some female artists that truly deserve your attention and listening:

Ryn Weaver

Photo Courtesy of Ryn Weaver Official Website

American singer-songwriter Ryn Weaver exploded on to the music scene with her debut single “OctaHate,” a song penned by Charli XCX containing heavy drum beats and soaring melodies, which generated a buzz amidst critics. However, this same buzz wasn’t reflected by the public, gaining only the slightest bit of airplay. Her debut album The Fool holds an eclecticism of genres from indie pop to country and her vocals display grit but at times a soft tone, showcasing versatility. Although critics saw her as an artist struggling to cement her style, music is allowed to (and ought to) be experimented with. We may not have received any new tunes from Weaver in the past two years but I will happily continue to listen to her album on loop in the meantime. Check out her signature track “OctaHate” below:

Astrid S

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@astridsofficial

You would think that an artist that has two songs over 100 million streams each on Spotify would be pretty popular, however, Astrid S has remained somewhat low-key. Astrid started out on Norway’s version of the Idol series and a year later released her worldwide debut single “2AM.” She followed it with a stream of stellar singles and an emotive slick EP, gradually getting better with every release. Astrid’s music is without a doubt the type to chill out to, with her delicate voice and pulsing synths glossed over every track. I see big things coming for this forthcoming pop star. Take a listen to her most popular song, “Such A Boy”:

Phoebe Ryan

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@phoeberyan

In January 2015, after writing for Oh Wonder, Phoebe Ryan mashed up two R&B classics, “Ignition” by R. Kelly and “Do You” by Miguel to formulate an electro-pop banger which aided her to accumulate a sizeable following. Since then, she has released her own dream pop style EP, numerous singles (including a feature with The Chainsmokers), and has continued to write for the likes of Melanie Martinez, Bea Miller and the pop legend herself—Britney Spears. With such impressive credentials and splendid pop delights under her belt, Phoebe Ryan will only continue to rise. Here’s the title track from her debut EP Mine:


Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@girlimusic

For those looking to stray away from light pop and crave an artist that really packs a punch, look no further than GIRLI, a British singer/rapper known for her outspoken, honest lyrics. She has quite the nonconformist style, blending pop with politics with heavy lyrics relevant to our society. Though she only has a couple of mixtapes and a few singles, every release of hers is produced with such brilliance that one listen just isn’t enough. GIRLI displays feminist pop at its absolute finest, not to mention she is one of the sweetest pop stars I have met. Check out her most recent single, “Feel OK” featuring Lethal Bizzle:

Tove Styrke

Photo by Emma Svensson

Sweden is known for being on the forefront of most industries, especially music as it is the birthplace of iconic megastars like ABBA, Robyn, and Max Martin (a songwriter/producer you might not recognize by name but who has helped devise the greatest pop bangers of the past few decades). Tove Styrke is certainly no exception to this rule (and yes, there is another Tove). The Swedish pop star has been on the scene for almost 8 years but has only just made a breakthrough recently with her single “Say My Name” and honestly, it’s been a long time coming. Every release Tove has put out has been an electronic ear worm with utterly infectious hooks and melodies. It upsets me that she has been sorely overlooked by the public because Tove epitomizes an unapologetic, badass female that we are in need of. I really hope she gains miles more acclaim in the near future. Check out one of her newer releases “Say My Name”:

These artists are brazenly changing the pop game churning out music that is authentic and quite far out from the mainstream charts. They provide a unique sound and admirable new faces amongst the increasingly populated modern music industry.

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