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5 Reasons Why IHATEYOUSHEED Should Be on Your Playlist

August 23, 20176 min read

Artist IHATEYOUSHEED is a Philly based artist who found his path in music through his mother and father. He was raised in a home where his mother played nothing but Hov which led to him reciting Jay Z verses before he could read. As if that wasn’t enough influence to kindle his love for music, his father works in the music business. As he got older, SHEED took an interest in writing poems and short stories which naturally transitioned into song writing. In high school, he contributed to the formation of Highest Basement Collective(HBC) and has been releasing music ever since.

IHATEYOUSHEED describes himself as an eclectic diamond. The HBC hitmaker has an ear for production that will grab a listener from the first note and a flow that is smooth and innovative. It’s hard to trace his most direct influence but from the sounds he has given the world, it’s a spectrum between Pharrell and Q-Tip. He is a self-proclaimed perfectionist and that explains why each song is better than the last.

It seems almost impossible to resist the urge to hit a slight Diddy bop while indulging in his music. His ability to consistently create a unique yet intriguing sound is not something that should be overlooked. IHATEYOUSHEED has been added to my summertime bangers lists and here are my 5 reasons why!

  1. He often combines the “turn up” beat that you’re pressed to hear while pre-gaming for a night out in the city with the lyricism you need to hear to remind you that good writing still exists.

  2. Versatility is something that has become a rarity in music today. I can experience an array of emotions from simply listening to 3 of IHATEYOUSHEED’s songs.

  3. He is that artist that you start off with just liking his music, then follow him on social media and before you realize it you’re asking yourself, “Why isn’t he my friend?!”

  4. He does what he wants, not what society wants or expects.




Who would you say are your biggest influences in music?

Pharrell changed my life, he made me see you didn’t have to be a thug or gangsta to be cool. I would say he has had the most influence but Diddy Ma$e Q-Tip Kanye and Hov all played apart in making me an artist as well. And even though he doesn’t make music Shawn Michaels definitely plays apart in my music too.

JAY-Z, Nas, Pac and Biggie, one has to go. Which one? 

Me, I can go. That’s a hard choice to make, they all contributed so much to open the doors up, could never pick one to get rid of.

What message do you aim to portray through your music?

Be happy and Just have fun in life, say what you want mean it and live it life is too short to fake it. Love live learn.

Has that always been the goal or has it changed as you have evolved as an artist?

I think that’s always what it’s been. I never really made music to give a message. I more make it for a feeling

When will you feel like you have reached success?

I think success is measured when not only you but the people around you are rich. But also I’m aiming for legendary status so I think I’ll be fully successful when people start to put me in that conversation of “is he a legend”

Tell us something that your fans may not know about you?

I lost best dressed in high school and I’ll like never get over it. EVER.

What’s next for IHATEYOUSHEED?

More music, more videos. I’m going back and forth between making an album but other than that nothing in the immediate future.

Last question…do you believe in pineapples on your pizza?

That’s gross whoever came up with that hated themselves and hated the people around them, like who does that? Gross.

Thank you to IHATEYOUSHEED for rapping with me. I cannot wait to hear more music in the near future!

Go check out his new single “Vogue” on Apple Music now!

You can find IHATEYOUSHEED’s music on Soundcloud and be sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram to be the first to peep his next moves.

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