The Fault In Our Stars

August 23, 20172 min read

What was supposed to be a love poem, but ended up as morbid and depressing as all the others. Part to my love, and part to for those in love who are farther apart than we are.

In my mind, we live together in a house with just the right amount of sun coming in the windows

With just the right amount of air for the two of us to breathe

It smells of nature and freedom, no pre provided oxygen

We reside in the state of mind in which my fingerprints can run across your skin and then land on the floor with our clothing

The floorboards in our house are creaky with the sounds of comfort

and I can hear your smile through the walls

I can lay you down in our garden and breath you in amongst the stars

In my mind there is a ring around your finger and the unsaid promise of forever lingering in your eyes

In my mind it never rains but there are always rainbows

until night comes and we sit out with the universe and talk about the space betweens us

Here in my mind we can spend our forever

The cracking porcelain of your face does not exist here

The light outside the room is fading and there is no rainbow today

The machines in our room are beeping and I cannot hear the people running down the hall

It is drowned by the sound of your laughter through the thin walls of our home

I am staring at the stars painted across our ceiling and the curtain that separates our disease

And although I can hear the pulse go flat on the machine,

In my mind you are looking at the stars too

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Marlow Saucier

Marlow is a high school sophomore in New England and, among other things, they aspire to be a writer and activist. When NOT with their nose in a book, they can be found eating raw fish, crushing gender roles, making dad jokes, and practicing alternative Wicca. Their Instagram is @m.saucier where they can be easily reached.