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5 TV Shows That Deserve More Recognition

August 1, 20174 min read

Sometimes it’s hard to find new TV shows watch, however it’s sometimes also hard to get the TV shows you love to get the recognition they deserve. I watch a lot of TV and have watched some amazing programs ever since I’ve been staying u later. I’ve seen some shows come and go, as well as channels. I also find that some TV shows with a lower budget may not get the same recognition as an ongoing show such as Eastenders, which tends to recycle their plots. So that is what I am going to suggest to you, 5 shows that are under appreciated (mainly from the BBC).

  1.  Some Girls (2012-2014) – The series follows a group of teenage girls who are going through. There are four main girls Viva, Holli, Amber, and Saz. The series within itself is a humorous take on what school life is really like. It almost takes the stereotype of school and makes it seem perfectly normal, which it is. The best part about this series is that it ends where it should end, there is no attempt to elongate it, in order to create more money. As it was shown on BBC 3, we know that it wasn’t made for money, rather entertainment, as it is government funded.
  2. Bluestone 42 (2013-2015) – This is another BBC 3 show, made for entertainment and audience appeal. Bluestone 42 is an exaggerated representation of a bomb disposal group in Afghanistan. The show covers many different perspectives of war and attitudes, whilst managing to keep it mainly lighthearted. The best part about Bluestone 42 is our ability to see bonds being made throughout the series.
  3. Bad Education (2012-2014) – Similarly to Some Girls, this show follows a group of school kids, however, is from the teachers perspective. Jack Whitehall plays Alfie Wickers, a new teacher who manages a class of misfits. The show follows Mr. Wickers as the children manage to create a bond between him and the school. The TV series is brilliant because it raises the concept of leaving your childhood behind. It also has a follow-up movie, which fits within the context of the TV show.
  4. A League of Their Own (2011 – ) – I had the opportunity to be part of the live audience for this sporting show. This show is hosted by Late Late’s James Corden, as well as team captains Freddie Flintoff (Cricket player), Jamie Redknapp (Footballer) and their resident comedian Jack Whitehall. This show is brilliant, as it deals with the sporting world in an accessible light. I don’t really keep up to date with sport, however, this show allows me to understand it and enjoy it.
  5. Cuckoo (2012-2016) – Cuckoo is an incredibly hilarious journey of a relationship between parent and child. Comedian Greg Davies plays a father who is shocked when his daughter comes home from traveling with a husband (named Cuckoo). This completely turns the living situation upside down, sex is heard throughout the house and cleanliness is questioned. However, the best part of the series is the acceptance that as an audience we see appear, as Ken (Greg Davies) begins to love and appreciate Cuckoo.

These are just some of the underappreciated TV series that I feel haven’t got the recognition they deserved.

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