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5 Underrated Makeup Brands Worth Trying

June 13, 20186 min read

If like me, you fancy spending hours doing your make up and always like reaching for new products to try, I have found 5 brands you might want to check out. I always spend an unreasonable amount of time on YouTube watching make up tutorials and GRWM (get ready with me) videos, and most of the time the same products keep reappearing. Therefore I have compiled a list of brands that might be underrated or not known at all to the public eye (however, some of you might know them and if you do thumbs up to you).

First, Pretty Vulgar gives a vintage feel to modern make up.

The brand just recently launched it products at Sephora (depending on where you live the brand might be available at your local store, if not you have their main website to shop at). The brand is inspired by vintage products therefore offers innovative packaging. The idea behind this makeup is that women and men are not only about one look. Some days you might want to wear a natural and cute look, and others a dark, red lipped look. The brand is all about emphasising differences. With their products you can create diverse makeup look which is always nice to express one’s self.

The next brand is one of my favourites, 3CE.

I have only recently got my hands on their products but I immediately fell in love. 3CE is a Korean make up brand, and Korean makeup is known to be very subtle and cute. However, with this brand’s makeup you can create several looks spanning from nude to glam. Their bronzers and blushes are to die for, the pigmentation is really nice. The makeup products are build-able so you can control the goal of the look. The packaging too is very lovely and cute (for the cheek maker and 3CE studio products). Regarding the lipsticks, they are very matte and therefore kind of hard to apply without a pencil beforehand. To buy their products at a cheaper price I recommend the website Style Korean.

Third, the brand Drunk Elephant is making waves as a skincare line.

This brand is an eight product line with only skincare products. The founder of this brand deems that those products are must haves for a flawless skincare routine. This brand is an expensive one, having not tried it myself i can’t really say much about the accuracy but having watched a few reviews about it, and having a friend swearing by those products, I have decided to trust them. The brand is also frequently sold out at sephora and the products are vegan and free of parabens and fragrances. The products are natural and non-irritating and non-harmful for the skin. What not to like about this brand? Even the name is attractive.

The fourth brand is Winky Lux, who make good on their promise of hydration and irresistible smells.

This brand is known for their Flower Balm, although this is not their only hit product. The brand tries to always renovate their products but one thing always stays the same: all products are hydrating and filled with an ‘irresistible smell’. My personal favourites are their strobing balms along with their Dream Gelee Hydrator. As you can see they are all about hydration which our skin can only love. Their lipsticks go from the nude to holographic therefore offering a pretty diverse range.

And last but not least: Stowaway, the perfect compact products.

This brand is the perfect brand for travellers. If you need makeup for small touchups throughout the day, Stowaway is the right brand for you. Their miniature products make them easy to bring along and put even in the tinniest bag; just be aware of not loosing them. For minimalistic lovers, you’ll enjoy the simple grey-ish design made for these products. Not only is this brand aesthetically pleasing, but the quality of it is also insane for such tiny products. The brand is also perfect for active and busy people who still want to apply makeup and be able to do quick and good touchups.

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