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Troye Sivan And Ariana Grande Party At Home In Their Sensual New Track “Dance To This”

June 13, 20183 min read

Troye Sivan and Ariana Grande have finally released their highly anticipated duet Dance To This and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The track is the fourth release from Troye’s upcoming album Bloom, which is set to be released on August 31st.

Young ambition / say we’ll go slow but we never do / Premonition, see me spending every night with you.”

Dance To This

The cozy number starts off with Troye’s soft vocals over a simple, syncopated backing, introducing both the sensual and romantic tones that only grow throughout the song. Dance To This is the type of track that puts you at ease, showing the sense of warmth and safety that comes with staying at home with the person you love – because each other’s company is better than any other party you could go to. The intimacy of the song makes it liberating in the most lowkey of ways – the idea of being so content and comfortable with someone that you can spend your night making the most mundane of places your personal dance floor brings a special sense of freedom to the music.

We don’t need no place to go / just put on the radio.

Dance To This

As soon as Ariana’s voice appears in the second verse, it’s obvious why Troye wanted her on the track. The silky smoothness of her vocals adds yet another layer to the song, perfectly embodying both the sensual and softer elements that are conveyed in the verse’s lyrics. Dance To This is a true a manifestation of pop gold, and when the duo’s voices finally come together the combination is nothing short of magical. Ariana’s honey-sweet vocals compliment Troye’s more breathy voice in the most perfect and natural of blends – hopefully this isn’t the last record that the duo will be collaborating on.

I don’t want to sleep tonight / I just want to take that ride.

Dance To this

Before the track was released, Troye tweeted that he was particularly excited for everyone to hear the bridge and, whilst it’s only four lines long, it’s obvious why. This bridge is completely different from anything we’ve ever heard from Troye before, swapping the more brooding and melancholy bridges that we often heard on the singer’s debut album Blue Neighbourhood for a more upbeat and raspy section in Dance To This – and it’s incredibly catchy, to say the least.

Troye’s new era has already seen him really coming into his own with him delving into new musical territories and, whilst it isn’t an outright dance track, the lowkey sense of freedom and euphoria that these Troye and Ariana have created in Dance To This certainly puts it in contention for song of the summer.

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