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8 Alternative Rock Songs That Rule Over the 2000’s

April 4, 20206 min read

The 2000’s, a decade filled with beloved pop culture that most teens still idolize, has a seedy underbelly. It shows character beyond Brittany and Beyonce, and towards the rock-loving free spirits of that time. This music and genre is what I grew up on, and is what i’ll always turn to when i’m feeling down and need some pep in my step. I hope this collection of my Alternative Rock favorites is suitable to your taste, and that you enjoy it just as much as I and millions of others do.

1. Reptilia by The Strokes (2003)

This song has never failed to put me in a dance-around mood. It gets your blood pumping, and overall excites you. It’s what someone would play at a rave knowing it would get you moving. The Strokes did such an amazing job with the lyrics, the sound, and most importantly some of the best guitar solos and riffs i’ve ever been blessed with. It’s just a really amazing song, and to be frank, a life without it is a sad one.

2. Can’t Stop by The Red Hot Chili Peppers (2002)

I pretty much grew up on the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and in turn, I grew up on this song. I’ve been belting the lyrics since before I first learned what music was. It’s an original bop if you will. Anytime my playlist is playing while i’m out and about with friends, this song is definitely the one i’m asked about the most.

3. Be Nice To Me by The Front Bottoms (2008)

I would definitely say The Front Bottoms are one of the more underrated bands, as whenever I talk to someone with the same music taste as me, they never mention nor recognize their name. But as a lot of underrated bands, they’re very good. This song in particular I stole from my sister who had been playing it a lot, so right off the bat I already knew some of the lyrics and could dance around to it. If you like indie-alternative rock songs, this one’s really just a staple.

4. Bottom by McCafferty (2014)

Let’s just say if you liked the last song you’ll like this one too. Even with being two completely different bands, they both have similar alternative style that’s just so lovable. Like most everything on this playlist, the song is very upbeat and ready to put you in a cool mood. Whenever I listen to it, I feel like going to an empty car lot with friends and a baseball bat, and smashing windows in slow-mo. I think if the song had a music video, that would be the concept.

5. Trouble by Cage The Elephant (2015)

Taking a different turn from the more violent effects of the last song, this one’s most calm. It makes you want to get up and simply do things. Rearrange your entire room, buy a new wardrobe, adventure out, cut off and dye your hair, etc. It makes you want to speed down an empty road with one hand out the window and another hand on the wheel, not worrying about anything. I guess you could say the song is freeing.

6. Threat of Joy by The Strokes (2016)

You could play this song while doing something daunting like the laundry or dishes and make it enjoyable. With the brilliance of The Strokes, a band already put on this playlist, nothing could make this song better. It exists, and for that I think the entire industry is thankful. I think this is one of my favorite songs not just by The Strokes, but ever.

7. 12 Feet Deep by The Front Bottoms (2008)

Again by the underrated band The Front Bottoms, here is a song that genuinely confuses my emotions. It’s about love, so you’d figure that’d be the given emotion, but it’s not. It’s sad, almost pathetic, as the song is about the longing for someone you can’t have, yet it doesn’t matter. We can’t have them, but here comes a banging song on the radio, or a really good milkshake I just downed. It’s about the finer things in life not needing to be so complicated.

8. Mr. Brightside by The Killers (2003)

And here, I just had to end on a classic. If you like rock even a little bit, you’ll know this song. Even if you don’t, but your parents had good taste, you’ll be familiar with the lyrics. That’s how I ended up knowing and loving it, as the early 2000’s really wouldn’t be much without this song. You’ll hear it over the radio, or maybe on your friends playlist, because no matter your musical style, this song is prevalent.

Alternative Rock/Indie is such a well known and loved genre, and these are just a few of my top picks for said category and era. Research and dig deep on other playlists and you’ll find songs you’ll love for a lifetime.


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