90s Fashion Comebacks

April 10, 20172 min read

Okay, guys, who else is excited to see the 90s making a comeback? I know I am. With checkers, mom jeans, denim jackets, crop tops and the iconic leather jacket all making their long awaited comebacks, keep on reading and I’ll tell you what should stay in the 90s and what else should come back.

First of all, we all know the sassy and funny movie Clueless, right? Tartan skirts with matching blazers, not to forget the small tote bag filled with a cute miniature puppy. We even see Beyoncé rocking this look in the Stella Jean Spring show in  2015, she definitely looked killer and smart. This look could be worn at school or at a fancy party to give off a smart and classy vibe. Oh, and tartan skirts and blazers, welcome back to the streets.

Skinny brows are a throwback to that era. Plucked and waxed to almost nothing, believe it or not, thin brows rocked the streets back in the 90s. We could even see American actress Kate Hudson with this look back in her ‘Almost Famous’ days. With thick full brows (inspired by actress/model Cara Delevingne) now on the streets, who wants to go back? Society is now accepting more natural and bolder eyebrows to shape our faces. So it doesn’t matter what your eyebrows look like, whether bold or thin, you do you.

Ah, hardcore leather jackets. Remember those? How could anyone forget them? They never really left the fashion industry, but nowadays I’ve seen women, teenagers, men, and children wear it more often on and off the streets. Pair your leather jacket with a floral dress for a spring look or jeans paired with laced up boots; you will still look badass regardless.

This one is for the boys: oversized, baggy jeans or sweatpants. Oh goodness, who else is relieved to see no boys wearing baggy trousers? With crouches so low they scraped the floor. The bagginess was unreal. Men nowadays tend to dress more smartly and skinnier (clothing-wise) in order to show off their muscles or to look professional. Thank goodness that fashion trend is never coming back.


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