A New Beginning

December 19, 20172 min read

This poem is about the excitement of a first love, especially a first love after accepting yourself. I first wrote this poem after coming out as bisexual and having my first crush on a girl. I realized that first loves are so important, because you are learning how to be vulnerable and how different everything is, especially when you understand yourself.

When I came

She saw me walk in the door and

Her face lit up,

Almost surprised

And ecstatic to see


Her eyes

Were filled with sunbeams, and the

Rays of her radiance

Shined out on everyone there.

Her hands, God, her hands were

Even more graceful than I remembered them.

It was later, when her hand accidentally grazed my arm,

That I knew I wanted to kiss her.

I imagined her fingers tracing

Drawings on my skin,

I imagined putting her hair

Behind her ear before leaning in for

A soft kiss

I became entranced with the idea

Of her saying my name,

The sound of her voice curling off of her tongue

And bouncing off her lips.


But I come back to where we are,

And all I see is her.


I have to leave an hour later, and I say goodbye.

She says goodbye. And we smile at each other for a minute

Before I shake my head, laughing, and walk out.


The night is alive

And as I walk home, I pass by expressionless

people, caught in their own empty and unfulfilling fantasies,

While I can’t help but to hum love songs and

Smile to myself.

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