Mariah Flores

  • November 13, 2017By Mariah Flores

    Lana Del Rey’s haunting song Carmen tells a story of a young girl with an addictive aura that attracts all who lay eyes upon her. In reality, Carmen is hurting, but she covers up her pain with drunken smiles. It is a sad story, inspired by Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Lolita and Carmen, a novella by Prosper Mérimé. In a

  • August 3, 2017By Mariah Flores

    This poem is the by product of my cinematic craze and enjoyment of movies. When you stop and think about the course of your life so far, you will realize that it is like a beautifully written cinematic masterpiece. Your memories are both tragic and joyful, all bundled up to form your own unique biography.

  • June 30, 2017By Mariah Flores

    Every year, new dystopian novels and their following series are released to bookstores around the globe. Many have similar tales of corrupt government systems and an unlikely heroine who saves the day…every time. This repetitive cycle of predictable outcomes has given the dystopian genre a bad rap in terms of lack of creativity and originality.

  • June 16, 2017By Mariah Flores

    This poem is for all the heartbroken lovers of the world. I was inspired by Harry Styles’ beautiful song Two Ghosts. Heartbreak, in every respect, can be a dark and confusing experience. In this poem, I capture the emotions of abandonment and lost love.   How can I live without you in my life? You were

  • June 7, 2017By Mariah Flores

    Imagine volunteering for an “experiment.” You are a poor college student who could use the 15 dollars per day, for 1-2 weeks, that is being offered. The only stipulation is that you need to be male and a student of Stanford University. These were the exact requirements for the 24 men who participated in one

  • May 7, 2017By Mariah Flores

    “This poem was manifested during a late night listen to the great British band, Bastille, and their song titled ‘Flaws‘.  We, as humans, focus so much on our own faults. Society has programmed us to hate diversity and to seek a ‘cookie-cutter’ lifestyle. We want to blend in- not stand out. Our flaws are buried

  • April 30, 2017By Mariah Flores

    Imagine: The world as you know it is about to end…or so young Ginger thinks in the 2013 coming-of-age indie movie Ginger & Rosa, directed by Sally Potter, which stars Elle Fanning (Ginger) and Alice Englert (Rosa).   Anti-Cold War campaigns in London begin to clash with the sexual revolution of the 1960s. Everyone is