Leave the World on Me

June 17, 20171 min read

Stimming is common among people who are neurodivergent, but when my anxiety was at its worst my stimming took a harmful turn, I began peeling skin on my lips to the point where I bleed, biting the skin around my nails and pinching my arm. This poem is about the people who loved me and were there for me, who helped me stop the harmful stimming even if I hurt them in the process.


Leave the World on Me

bite my tongue

until it bleeds

dig into my skin

like the wet dirt of the earth


let your pain out

in bruises and marks

weathered on my skin

leave the whole world on me


but don’t treat me like a tool

i am not the knife

you can use

to hurt yourself

just cut into me


when the demons in your head

speak so loud

you want to hurt yourself

to silence them

turn to me


i’ll kiss every mark

on your skin

and let you carve into mine

until you don’t hear them again


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Anais Rivero

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