Abandoned Love

June 16, 20171 min read

This poem is for all the heartbroken lovers of the world. I was inspired by Harry Styles’ beautiful song Two Ghosts. Heartbreak, in every respect, can be a dark and confusing experience. In this poem, I capture the emotions of abandonment and lost love.  

How can I live without you in my life?

You were my world and now you have left me.

My mind is full of pain and lots of strife.

I am a mess for all the world to see.

You left and took my happiness away.

No greater death is there than that of love.

“It will get better,” that is what they say.

My feelings soar and fly just like a dove.

I cannot forget all the time we shared.

You left my heart sitting cold by the door.

Even now I still wonder if you cared.

You sailed away, leaving me on the shore.

Now I am all alone and by myself,

And you are sitting, dusty, on a shelf.

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Mariah Flores

Hello! My name is Mariah Flores and I am a freshman in college. I enjoy film and literature. My plans for college include obtaining a Journalism degree, with a minor in Global Studies. After college, I plan on working as a digital journalist. I enjoy reading books, watching Sherlock, and listening to my favorite bands/artists. My role models include Frida Kahlo and Audrey Hepburn. The Great Gatsby and Perks of Being a Wallflower are among my all-time favorite books and Maya Angelo is my favorite poet. When I'm not writing poetry or reading Shakespearean plays, you can find me watching VICELAND or enjoying cool Youtube videos. For inquiries, contact me through my Twitter or Instagram: momi_flows or mariah_flows