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An Interview with KHIMBERLIE: The Girl Behind and In Front of the Camera

September 20, 20195 min read

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Kimberly Douglas, better known to her fans as “Kihmberlie,” is a 23-year-old from Southern California who has amassed nearly 90k followers on Instagram and over 50k on Twitter. Known as the girl both in front of and behind the camera, Kimberly blows away her audience with highly creative, incredibly detailed and self-made sets. With the self-timer feature on her camera, Kimberly also models for her own shoots.  

I sat down with the young artist to learn more about her projects and just how she makes the magic happen. 

Ariel Zedric: Have photography and modeling always been in your cards? How did you discover your passion? 

Kimberly Douglas: Personally, I don’t consider myself a photographer. I love looking at photography, but I don’t know much about it. I am definitely more into the modeling and creative direction side of things. I discovered my passion for modeling when I was at a styling class. While I was behind the camera looking at everything, I thought to myself how I wished I was in front, and as I pursued modeling more and more, my passion grew.

Courtesy of Kimberly Douglas

Walk me through your creative process. How do you find inspiration? Is it something you seek out or are you struck by it in everyday things? 

Sometimes, ideas just come to me. Other times I actively look through Pinterest, watch a movie or go through my old photos.

Have you ever given up on a project? How do you go back to the drawing board and work with what you’ve got? 

I always finish shoots, even if I don’t like them. There are shoots where I decide that I don’t like any of the photos so I decide not to edit them. I’ll put the idea on the back burner for a while and redo it at a later date when I figure out how to get the result I want.

What’s been your favorite set that you’ve created so far? 

This makeshift kaleidoscope I made out of closet door mirrors, wrapping paper and an LED party lamp.

Courtesy of Kimberly Douglas

Your position on social media has also given you a platform to reach many others. What are some causes that you’re passionate about?

I am very passionate about diversity in the entertainment and modeling industry and just in general, police brutality because of all the innocent black lives that have been taken by it.

Have you ever doubted your decision to pursue photography and modeling? If so, what’s kept you going? 

I’ve never pursued photography as a career, but I have doubted pursuing modeling multiple times, especially since I have never been signed to a modeling agency. What’s kept me going is that I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I feel like there’s a place for me in this industry — I just haven’t figured out exactly where I fit yet.

Who has been the biggest influence in your life thus far? 

My mom. She supports me through everything I do and is always there for me. She’s also where I get my creativity from!

Courtesy of Kimberly Douglas

What would be your dream job?

My dream job would be to model. I want to get signed to an agency, be on the cover of a magazine and creative direct the cover of that magazine.

Do you have any words of wisdom for young creatives looking to put themselves out there? 

Just do it, you’ll never know until you try, and you can’t be scared about it. Also, do your research about the industry you want to be in about both the good and bad parts. 


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Feature image courtesy of Kimberly Douglas 

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