Now Reading: Songland Contestant and Singer-Songwriter, Rynn on Her New EP, ” Summer of Tokyo”


Songland Contestant and Singer-Songwriter, Rynn on Her New EP, ” Summer of Tokyo”

August 22, 20199 min read

If you have ever listened to the Chill Vibes or Indie Pop playlists on Spotify, then you’ve definitely without a doubt heard music from Rynn. The alternative/dream pop singer-songwriter has dominated the Spotify charts in the last few years after the release of her EP, Nightfires in 2016.

Recently, Rynn appeared on the American song-writing competition series, Songland, debuting her hit single, “Crowded Places” and wowing the Jonas Brothers with her raw talent. After her premier on Songland, “Crowded Places” rose to #3 in the Itunes charts.

On August 16th, Rynn released her second EP, Summer of Tokyo, produced by herself and Luca Buccellati. In light of the release, I had the privilege to interview Rynn and ask her some questions about the EP and her blossoming career.


For the readers who don’t know who you are, can you tell us a little about yourself?
Yes! I was born in Canton, Ohio but currently, live in the Highland Park neighborhood of LA! Songwriting is my first love, it’s the way I mentally process what’s happening in the world around me. I love everything lavender. Wandering around a forest is where I feel the most myself. Chips and salsa/guac are my biggest weakness.

Congratulations on the new Summer of Tokyo EP, what inspired the cover artwork?
Thank you!! When creating the album artwork I combined a photo of myself that photographer Erika Mugglin had taken as well as a picture of a flower that I had taken on my trip to Japan and recently rediscovered on my camera roll. Incorporating the flower picture made the artwork feel really personal to the whole experience that the EP talks about. It’s really important to me everything surrounding the music feels authentic, so it was really special to be able to add an actual photo from the trip rather than to just to use a photo from a photoshoot.


One track on the EP, “ Tokyo” really stands out to me, especially since the EP was inspired by your travels to Tokyo. Why did you decide to move there for a month?
Thank you! That’s the most personal song I’ve ever written! I was there for a college study abroad trip!

What is the sample used in the track, “Before I loved you”? It sounds like it’s from a film, is film a big part of your life?
The sample is from the movie, Twilight Zone! I enjoy films, but they aren’t necessarily a huge part of my life, I wish I watched more though! I felt like the clip pulled an emotional string and gave the tone of a song a nostalgic feel which I love. I love the way different kinds of art are constantly inspiring each other and like incorporating that into my music when I can.

Are you hoping to work on any other music videos after the“Islands” video?
Yes! I have several other music videos already out for songs included on this EP. We did a music video for “Tokyo”, as well a collaboration music video with the company, Z Shoes, for my song, “In My Head”! I am also currently in the process of working on a music video for my song from Songland, “Crowded Places”!

How has your sound evolved from Nightfires to Summer of Tokyo?
I think my sound is constantly evolving as I grow and am inspired by different sounds. I get really inspired by other music that I listen to, and so my music is a fusion of tons of little inspirations from a huge range of different things! Within both EP’s I’ve wanted everything to feel really ethereal and sweet the listener our of reality into a dream-like mental state. Overall, I think the Summer of Tokyo EP feels a little heavier in places, as well as a little more in the alternative lane with a hint of grit.

What inspired you to start making music?
Music is something that I’ve always loved. My mom says I started singing before I started talking. I remember taking piano lessons as a kindergartner and wanting to change the songs I was learning into my own songs. When I got into the early high school years I found the emotional outlet that writing lyrics gave me and ever since then it’s been my main way of continuously checking in with myself. Music’s something I already have been obsessed and something inside me just “had to go for it.”

How did you end upon Songland? What was the experience like for you?
Someone from casting reached out to me! I honestly didn’t think much of it at first, but before I knew it I was on a plane back to LA (from a trip I was on) to start filming! Songland was one of the most incredible and surreal experiences of my life. It all happened so fast feels like a blur. I wrote my college entrance essay about Ryan Tedder who was one of the producers; songs that Esther Dean had written were the soundtrack to my high school years, and working with Shane McAnally who just won album of the year with Kacey Musgrave’s was a scenario that a few short years ago I could’ve never imagined.

On top of that, the Jonas Brothers were the absolute sweetest humans ever and I can’t believe I got to perform a song for THEM, not the other way around! Everyone involved with Songland had such positive energy and it was evident that everyone was genuinely pumped to be there! It’s so exciting to be a part of this new era of music, especially with something that pulls back the curtain on an aspect of the music industry that most people don’t normally get to see!

What is the most rewarding thing about being a musician?
For me, it’s the moment right after I first write a song. There’s a thrill that’s like no other when you can stand back and listen to something think, “Woah, that didn’t exist when I woke up this morning, and now I just wanna dance around my room to this.” It feels like magic!

Any last thoughts?
Stay tuned for more music this fall, and feel free to say hello over at @rynnsounds 🙂


You can listen to Rynn’s music on Spotify or Apple Music, including the Summer of Tokyo EP which was released August 16th.

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