Angela Canales

  • October 1, 2018By Angela Canales

    You’ve probably heard of the “Korean Wave” phenomenon that has become prominent in the global music market for the past couple of years. K-Pop has become significantly popular among many, and of its biggest acts are boy-bands BTS and EXO and girl-bands BLACKPINK and TWICE.  For those who aren’t into the bubblegum pop vibes that

  • September 10, 2018By Angela Canales

    One fine evening, I curiously hopped into the unappreciated Netflix section of East-Asian TV shows and the next thing I knew- I found myself hooked onto a type of content that I had never seen before in any typical western production. I’ve watched about ten East-Asian dramas/shows in total, but four particular shows stood out

  • September 3, 2018By Angela Canales

    Sorry locals, it’s apparent that those clout-goggles might just not be the most popular fashion statement of 2018 anymore. A new trend has risen among teens and young adults that brings back a few iconic staples from the past thirty years, three decades that people may look back at as cringe-worthy and hideous. This retro