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Vintage Fashion Has Returned In A Big Way In 2018

September 3, 20185 min read

Sorry locals, it’s apparent that those clout-goggles might just not be the most popular fashion statement of 2018 anymore. A new trend has risen among teens and young adults that brings back a few iconic staples from the past thirty years, three decades that people may look back at as cringe-worthy and hideous. This retro look has found its way out of a dark, confined tunnel, and has made its way into high schools all over the globe, including mine. A handful of internet influencers may have initiated the current phenomenon by encouraging people to dress with the energy of the past, in the present.

Taking a look back, the eighties and nineties were seen as colorful, ecstatic eras in the history of fashion. The primary-colored sweaters, the baggy t-shirts, and the heavy, bulky shoes that could be heard from a mile away: all worn to dust. In a way, a handful of these 80s/90s trends are making a huge comeback. Pieces such as the newly-fashionable mom jeans have been a common sight in modern street fashion, and the color-block statement pieces are their partner-in-crime.  

Photo of Beverly Hills 90210 by Mikel Roberts

Teens have been leaning more and more towards this style of vintage-fashion because of modern, relatable influencers such as rising-star Youtuber Emma Chamberlain. Her outfits consist of eye-catching tees, comfy sweaters, and mom pants in all colors, many of which she discovers at thrift stores. 

“Basically, I think my style is mixing modern trends with retro trends and making them fit in a way that isn’t what you expect at all times. I will try things that nobody’s tried before and see if it works,” Chamberlain said for Fashionista.

Other internet sensations and stars such as enjajaja, Tyler, the Creator and Jay Versace share a similar sense of fashion, ultimately influencing a significant amount of their audiences to follow in the same direction. I discovered this new sense of style by scrolling through my Instagram feed, and seeing these colorful, retro-inspired outfits being well-worn by young adults made me want to go digging for an entirely new wardrobe. Seeing others being confident in “standing out from the rest” inspired me to do the same, and I now wear my plaid skirts and thrifted, color-block tees loud and proud. 

Photography by Julian Berman

As a student in a school filled with teens who are active participants in this retro fashion movement, it is safe to say that in a typical American high school, it is likely to see waves of girls with 90s-inspired scrunchies on their wrists. These same girls are rocking their high-waisted mom jeans and denim skirts just as their own mothers would have done two decades ago, and the boys get a good wear out of their vintage windbreakers. The energy of the eighties and nineties has thrown itself onto Gen-Z, and we have, more than willfully, devoured it.

Kaia Gerber for Penshoppe Spring/Summer 2018 Campaign

Teens and young adults who participate in this popular trend find their throwback-inspired goodies at retailers such as Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Pacsun, and the online second-hand shopping app, Depop. For one-of-a-kind finds, many people today have discovered the delightful appeal of their local thrift shops; mocking the action of treasure-hunting to find the most authentic goodies with a true vintage feel. With that being said, you might just be spotting a few Chers and Dionnes out and about in today’s day and age. 



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