Liz Marie

  • January 30, 2018By Liz Marie

    March 2016. It was the first concert I had ever actually been to, unless you count my mom taking me to barely see Miley Cyrus on Good Morning America a concert. The atmosphere in the room was electrifying. There were people of all ages, races, religions, labels, etc., all crammed into Webster Hall. The room

  • January 7, 2018By Liz Marie

    When Hayley Kiyoko released the music video her first big hit “Girls Like Girls” we all knew she was something special. The video was equipped with a beautifully inspiring tale of two best friends falling in love with each other, and willing to fight all odds. The internet was crazy for it, enjoying the representation

  • December 17, 2017By Liz Marie

    America has never been great. It’s entire foundation was built on the back of slaves and has since never given people of color the equality and the freedom we deserve. Racism is still alive. The 13th Amendment set slaves free but only set up for another system of slavery — incarceration, and for people of color,

  • December 4, 2017By Liz Marie

    A long time ago, I was recommended the album The Alter by Banks. I listened to it, not in its entirety, and loved the couple of songs I heard. They were unique and weird, which was a sound I needed. Just a couple of days ago, I listened to the entire album and came across the