The Magic of Troye Sivan

January 30, 20185 min read

March 2016.

It was the first concert I had ever actually been to, unless you count my mom taking me to barely see Miley Cyrus on Good Morning America a concert. The atmosphere in the room was electrifying. There were people of all ages, races, religions, labels, etc., all crammed into Webster Hall.

The room felt musty, smelled like sweat, was filled with teenagers who looked like they just came out of a pride festival. Rainbows flying everywhere, people pushing, fights almost occurring, but there was a big comfort to it all. I was only 14 and had been waiting months for the day I could be able to see the Troye Sivan live.

When the smoke came in, and everyone saw him come out from a hallway to the right side of the stage, my ears were ready to burst, but no one cared. He opened with his sensual song “BITE,” which couldn’t have been more perfect for such an intense scene. That moment when he arrived is something I will never forget, as it is the most present and alive I’ve ever felt in my life. Screams, cries, it was a crazy scene to even remember. The concert was so memorable, full of crying, laughing and seeing my idol dance up on a stage in front of me. It was astonishing.

It’s been almost two years since that concert, and a lot has changed. Troye Sivan is back, after another whole tour and a hiatus for a year, releasing two singles, “My My My!” and “The Good Side,” in the last two weeks. In the past few years, Sivan has grown from being a YouTube celebrity to an actual celebrity. The strong fan base he has built, even from his days on Youtube, has stuck with him for the long years he has been making content — along with new fans joining every day, of course.

What makes Sivan so appealing? Well, you could start with the fact that he is a big star for the LGBT+ community. Songs like “HEAVEN” and “for him.,” along with music videos like the “Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy” and “WILD,” have normalized gay couples being the center of attention in music videos. Though, it’s not an act of rebellion against the music industry and homophobia as much as it is Sivan living out his truth.

Last year, Sivan accepted the Stephen F. Kolzak Award at the 28th annual GLAAD Media Awards, the youngest recipient ever, and accompanied it with a tear-jerking speech. He honored the LGBT+ activists who came before him, making it possible for him to be as open as he, and many others, are now.

Along with his representation for the LGBT+ community, being so young and so successful has inspired many people on behalf of wanting to follow their dreams and aspire to create, no matter what age. He started on YouTube at only 12-years-old, uploading a cover to Declan Galbraith’s Tell Me Why, and from there, he grew with YouTube, which connected him more with his young audience.

When his debut album Blue Neighbourhood released, it was filled with tales of growing up, heart break and relatable tales of loss and joy. Fans already loved him for the talent he demonstrated on his YouTube channel and his previous EPs, but when this stellar album became the world’s, it drilled it’s way into people’s hearts.

Now, Troye Sivan is back and better than ever, and I wouldn’t be surprised if his stardom becomes even more spotlighted, as he begins the release of his new album. The fanbase he has carries him wherever he goes, as they are openly infatuated with Sivan and his spirit, his soul and his art. Under Troye Sivan’s wing of inspiration will come many stars who will find their confidence within him — I’m calling it now. When I was in that space, filled with so many young people who radiated sunlight and passion, it made me realize, for now, Troye Sivan is going nowhere but up.

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