Hiba Argane

  • July 21, 2017By Hiba Argane

    Disclaimer: A little bit of censored profanity, talk about sexuality and allusions to suicidal thoughts/tendencies. Headlines all over the place (along with many Genius contributors) have been speculating non-stop about what the album will be like. The album is stirring up quite the storm, and after having listened to it in its entirety multiple times, there is

  • June 22, 2017By Hiba Argane

    One of the many purposes of art is to evoke emotion, promote creation in return, and to complete the loop of consumption. Halsey’s song ‘Heaven in Hiding’ off her new album hopeless fountain kingdom brought up the dichotomy of power and vulnerability that I feel is one of my most instinctive and unrefined drives. I can

  • April 16, 2017By Hiba Argane

    When it comes to social interaction, you learn a lot of lessons the hard way but you get to a point where whatever you learn outweighs whatever it was that got you there. And this is just that. I read through this now and I feel the growth. And I’m grateful for that every day. you

  • April 9, 2017By Hiba Argane

    My relationship with my alleged mother tongue Arabic has been everything from challenging and isolating to welcoming and loving, especially having English feel like home to me when in fact, sometimes it feels like it’s not mine to claim. So, after listening to Melissa’s poem, I wrote this in a frenzy at 3 am.    If

  • March 29, 2017By Hiba Argane

    Tommy Genesis, Vancouver-born rapper and visual artist, came back with a banger titled ‘Empty’ under her new label Downtown Records, and it’s as angsty and unhinged as ever.   Tommy started with the album ‘World Vision’ under Awful Records, signed by Atlanta’s king of the underground, Father after gaining traction on Soundcloud.  From lines like “They