Morning Sickness

July 24, 20178 min read

A big topic that’s up for debate, for some reason, is women’s health care. Our current federal government seems to think that a debate is necessary when it comes to this topic. This short story was written to show us that women, men, and all the genders in between deserve fair, equal access to affordable health care.

For more information about the topic(s) covered in this story, go here: https://www.plannedparenthood.org/learn/abortion

Warning: swear words are used in this story, some used in a derogatory context.

You’re not supposed to drink coffee when you’re pregnant, but you’re not supposed to get pregnant on accident either.


“I want to have the baby.”

“Stop fucking around Adam, we aren’t even together anymore.”

“We could be.”

“You ended it! Besides, I-I’m only a few weeks along… I can still-”

“What, kill it?”

“Jesus, it isn’t killing, Adam. The thing is barely 3 weeks old and it can’t feel anything yet. It should barely be considered a fetus.”

“‘Thing?’ It’s a baby!”

“A baby you and I know you’d never want! You said so yourself. I mean, fuck, what were you thinking?! That we’d just be lucky? That taking off the condom without telling me would be fine and we’d stay together? You didn’t think that something like this could happen?!”

“Clearly I didn’t!”

“Because you’re an idiot who doesn’t consider his impact on other people!”

“If you get rid of it, I’ll… I don’t even know.”

“Nothing. Because there’s nothing you can do. Get the fuck out of my apartment.”


Punch in.

Customer voice.


Don’t throw up on their plate, morning sickness is no excuse for not getting tipped.

Punch out.


“Lil? Is that you?”

“I brought pizza.”

“God, you’re the best roommate ever.”

“But we have a lot to talk about.”

“I take that back.”

“Where’s the wine?”


“He what?!”

“It’s called stealthing, and apparently he’s good at it. I had no idea.”

“That’s rape, Lily. He didn’t tell you he took it off, which wasn’t agreed upon, that’s rape.”

“It doesn’t matter what it was because now there’s another who involved and I don’t know what to do.”

“Do you want it?”


“Then your decision’s already been made.”

“I shouldn’t be crying. I don’t want it. Why am I crying?”

“I’ll get the blanket, you get the Spiderman DVD. It’s gonna be okay.”

“I fucking love you.”


“I made an appointment for next week. Call me back, if you want.”


From Adam: Fucking cunt.


Punch in.

Customer voice.


Don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’tcrydon’tcrydon’tcrydon’tcry.

Punch out.


“Will you come with me?”

“To pick it up?”


“Course I will.”

“Thank you.”

“ ‘Abortion Pill’ sounds like a pretty sick punk song.”

“You’re the worst.”


“Lily Clarkston? Hi, I’m your nurse. Come back with me.”

“Can my roommate come too?”

“I’m afraid it’s family members only. This’ll be quick and painless, don’t worry.”


“So we have to discuss the options first, make sure an abortion is the best option here.”

“It is.”

“I believe you, but the law requires me to ask you these questions. Is the other person willing to have this baby?”

“Um, he… No, he isn’t. Do you have to call it a baby? It’s four weeks old.”

“Of course, I understand this is sensitive. We’ll stick to ‘it’, alright?”


“Okay, I think we’re all ready. Remember, you’ll have access to a 24/7 caring professional; here’s the number. Call with any questions or concerns, whenever you want. You’ll have a lot of bleeding and cramping after you take the second medicine at home, so plan ahead to make the process more comfortable; get some movies, books, a heating pad maybe. Some tea if you’d like. Choose a time when you’ll have some privacy and can rest for a while, and have someone you’re comfortable with that you can call for support if you need anything with you, or at least nearby. Keep maxi pads on you. Make sure you have pain meds, but not Aspirin; it can make you bleed more. This first pill is called Mifepristone, it’ll block the hormone your body needs for a pregnancy to grow normally. I’ll give you some antibiotics to prevent infection, but that isn’t likely to happen. Take that whenever you’re ready, here’s some water. This is the Misoprostol, you’ll take this in about twenty-four hours, okay? It’ll cause cramping and bleeding to empty the uterus. There’s a lot more information, but I’ve written that down so you can read it whenever you’d like; it covers what else will likely happen after taking the second pill. I’ll see you in a few days for the follow-up visit.”


“Lil, I’m going to the store. Want anything?”

“To not be pregnant.”

“Okay, two frozen pizzas and some ice cream it is. Anything else?”

“Heating pad?”

“You got it.”


“Sammy, I don’t think I can take this.”

“It’s a little too late, Lil. You remember that nurse said the first pill already stopped the hormones for a healthy pregnancy. You don’t want a fucked up baby, do you? It could end up with one eye bigger than the other. Or fifteen toes. Oh god, it could like screamo!”


“How do you feel?”

“Like my uterus is punching me repeatedly with cinderblocks.”

“So business as usual then?”

“Fuck off, Sammy. Don’t roll your eyes at me.”

“Stop acting like a fucking victim and I won’t.”


“Nothing. I left my phone at work, I’ll be back in twenty.”

“Sammy, wait, don’t-”




“Lil, how long have you been crying?”

“Too long.”

“How much does it hurt?”

“Too much.”

“Wanna watch Spiderman?”

“I don’t think Peter Parker can make this better.”

“C’mere, time for a nap.”

“I’m not tired.”

“I am, and you need a break and a hug. I’m here to provide both.”


“Everything looks good, Lily. You recovered perfectly.”

“Yeah, it wasn’t too bad.”

“That’s great.”


Punch in.

Customer voice.


Punch out.


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