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Big Boobs and Bikini Tops Don’t Mix: The Struggle Of Finding A Suit In The Summer

July 16, 20173 min read

Summer is great for a plethora of reasons: no school, bomb ass weather, teenage freedom. But there is one thing I dread every year… bikini shopping. Most women I know hate swimsuit shopping just as much as I do. Finding a top that fits triple D’s is an incredible challenge, but one I am nowhere near alone in facing. Ask any woman whose chest is bigger than a C and they could tell you more than a few swimsuit shopping horror stories.

That Triangl bikini top that is “so cute” will act as a nipple cover. That top that looks big enough but ends up cutting into your chest makes your boobs look like a butt. Or that bikini top you think will fit in the cups but you put it on and the band is three sizes too big.

News flash designers: you can have a big chest and a smaller band size.

Bustier girls can’t just pop into Forever 21 or Target to buy cheap bikini tops. We search for hours in different stores trying on top after top after top, often leaving empty handed. By the end of the day, we feel like there is something wrong with our bodies, sometimes ending our search in tears.

I have been told to go to all these specialty stores that carry swimsuits specifically for busty women, but they all are targeted for middle-aged women and not teenagers. They usually don’t have the cute, trendy styles I’m looking for… and when they do, the tops are upwards of $70. 70 dollars for just the top! You’ve got to be kidding me?! I shouldn’t have to be paying triple the price of Forever 21 bikinis just because of my body. And what about women of lower income that can’t afford to spend that much?

You would think that with the whole body positive movement brands and designers would have caught on to selling swimsuits available for all different body types. More stores should be selling Instagram-cute one-pieces and bikinis that everyone can wear regardless of their size. Everyone deserves to not only feel happy while wearing their swimsuit but also to have a positive experience when buying one.

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Gali Zaharchook-Williams

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