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Meet Kheris Rogers, the 10-Year-Old Who Started Her Own T-Shirt Company

May 30, 20174 min read

Meet Kheris Rogers, a ten-year-old from Southern Los Angeles who has started her very own t-shirt company. After being bullied in school for her dark skin, her sister Taylor took to Twitter and posted this:

This inspired Kheris to start this company, basing the name off of the caption of the tweet. It is called “Flexin In My Complexion”.

I was able to quickly get in touch with Taylor and set up an interview with both her and her sister Kheris. It was truly a pleasure to get to chat with them. First, I asked Taylor a couple questions.

What opinions do you have towards your sister’s company? Do you agree that it’s influential?

I do agree Kheris’ Flexin My Complexion company is influential, especially since so many people have reached out to Kheris in support of her and also letting her know that they were her as little girls and what she’s going through is something that a lot of people have gone through and that they are so proud of her for standing up. So yes, I am very proud, she definitely is influencing other people. Also, on her Instagram page, you’ll see a lot of people posting, wearing Kheris’ clothes and just showing how much of a positive influence it’s been on them.

Another question, what’s your role in Kheris’ company?

In my sister’s company, right now, I do the processing of the orders like when someone orders something I do the shipping labels and make sure their order is right when it gets to them.

Then, I asked Kheris some questions.

Do you feel like you’re an inspiration to women of color?

Yes, because people have been reaching out to me saying that they went through the same things I did and I feel like I’m helping them love their color more.

What caused you to start this company?

I wanted to start this company because my sister posted a picture of me on Twitter that went viral and the hashtag was #FlexinInHerComplexion so I had the idea to make shirts called Flexin In My Complexion. But I mainly wanted to do it because I was being bullied.

Do you have any plans/goals for the near future?

Yes, we’re making more shirts for the summer like hoodies and crop tops.

Are your family and friends supportive of what you’ve done and what you’re doing?

Yes, a lot. My family always has my back no matter what and they tell me I shouldn’t let anyone tell me different.

How long do you want the company to continue for? (Both Kheris and Taylor answered).

Kheris: At least a couple years (laughter).

Taylor: Just adding onto Kheris’ last answer, I think the longest we can go inspiring other people the better. Whether it be a few years or a couple of decades, you know, just to keep improving and getting bigger.

Both Kheris and Taylor are very dedicated and don’t show signs of stopping yet. You can purchase Kheris’ shirts here.

You can also follow Kheris and Taylor on their social media accounts

Twitter: Taylor and Kheris

Instagram: Taylor: TMPastries and Kheris: KherisPoppin

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