Body Revisited

September 6, 20171 min read

This poem is about me, myself and I, rediscovering the body for all of its worth. As a woman, there have been times where my body has felt flawed due to the opinionated standards of beauty presented to me. Yet, through this poem, I hope to convey the importance of embracing the skin and additionally acknowledging the difficulty that path may contain.

Are the flesh glued to thigh

Are the dark hairs trespassing

Are the translucent skin

Too much?

Can’t see me!

In the photos

If I am just these hierarchical veins too cowardly to flow boldly.

Speak up!

In the conversation.

Shut up!

Voice is annoying.

Rip it to shreds

Construct it again

To deconstruct like the expensive chefs,

But serve it cheap

Because I can’t afford myself.

Blink once

See me

But blink twice

See your opinions

Stuck on like price tags in my freckles

Insults sewn on in bugs’ bites

Itching to bleed

to scar

Marks all over in patterns and sequences intruding memory


Converted to images and laugher and

Could be


Drawing with sharpie

Lines on my body

The photos better than those

In which I am no more than a ghost.

Voice pesters and emerges

Through the marks old and new

Reaching towards sensation.

Constructed again.

Selling it Back.


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Alisa Caira

Alisa Caira is a senior at Newton North High School. When she's not writing her poetry or short stories, you can find her involved in activism or working on her clothing brand not your dad's. She is currently working on her second novel and first poetry anthology. However, for now, she is focusing on enjoying her final year of high school and the friends she has there.