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New ‘Heathers’ Trailer Turns Heads With Representation

September 7, 20174 min read

You’ve probably heard of the cult classic film of the 1980s — the anything-but your typical teenage drama, Heathers (1988). During the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, August 27th, the very first trailer teaser was released for the upcoming reboot of the movie. Talk about teen-angst all over again.

This TV series is set to be released in early 2018 by the Paramount Network, but expectations could hardly be high considering the fact that the original Heathers stars Winona Ryder herself, takes place in the ’80s and relays the iconic fashion sense of their bold generation. To create an entirely modernized version of this film via television series is certainly a stretch — but it could possibly be in the right direction.

Before I go on, you are able to view the trailer here (and please do so several times if need be):

While the teaser definitely strikes fear and the sense that something terribly incredible yet dangerous is about to happen (likely due to the choice in soundtrack and dramatic entrance of the New Heathers), this remake’s take on fashion (which happens to take a major role in the original film, in my opinion) as well as the characters themselves are extremely far from what it was seen within the original film.

New Heathers sport fur coats, oversized handbags, fishnet tights and leather combat boots, much unlike the original film, which accessorizes each main character with loud, monochromatic colors, large shoulder pads and huge hair — full blown ’80s.

Daniel Waters’ original Heathers blockbuster stars Winona Ryder as Veronica and Christian Slater as J.D., a cast alone to die for, but the upcoming 10-episode TV series is set to turn heads and push representation forward by bringing in new concepts and promoting diversity in race and sexuality, all the while inducing fear into its audiences through each one of its Heathers.

In the remake, Grace Victoria Cox will star as Veronica, while James Scully will play the role of J.D., but the most noticeable thing about the cast will be seeing actor Brendan Scannell play the role of Heather Duke, identifying as gender queer. Not only that, but Jasmine Mathews will play the role of Heather McNamara as a black lesbian. That said, the reboot of Heathers will certainly be much more diverse, and will create a much different feel for the program, one which more individuals of today’s generation will be able to appeal and relate to.

It will certainly be difficult to top the largely-acclaimed iconic Heathers film, but this television program has a sure hope to bring something relevant and thought-provoking in terms of social-awareness to its viewers this upcoming year, so definitely be on the look out.


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