Broken Dreams

January 31, 20181 min read

Some of our dreams feel real, and we don’t want them to end. Sometimes we live according to this dream, and we often forget about reality. We live for these fantasies to be real. Maybe soon.

As I closed my eyes,

I dreamed of you and me

Drifting along and getting lost

At the streets of loneliness

Holding each other’s hands

While laughing at each other’s silliness


As I closed my eyes,

I told myself,

“I don’t want this dream to end.”

Because I know

By the time I open my eyes

Everything will be just dreams —

Thrown away in the clouds of reality


As I closed my eyes,

All these reveries

Were shattered and crumbled

Into tiny pieces

That no one can bring

The bits of fantasy together

Perhaps I’ll always wish

That everything will remain as dreams.


Because in my dreams,

You are so real.

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Ricaella Reyes

an 18-year old science major who loves scribbling thoughts about life and everything in between; a medical doctor slash writer aspirant who keeps on being unfazed in this cynical world