I Am Evidence of the Good

August 15, 20172 min read

With recent events, I think it is important to promote unity and to suppress the hate. This is a poem written on a 2 a.m. flight, inspired by the blunt confusion of mixed and multicultural children, not understanding and therefore silencing what they are evidence of. Minorites have come far from living completely under others, now living beside and living with those in power more and more each day. It is imperative to remind ourselves of the progression the world has made when the eruption of hate can feel overwhelming. We have more growth ahead of us, but we sure have come a long way—and that should be celebrated.

I am evidence of the good in the world.

I am evidence that hope is, in fact, a palpable essence that thumps through the veins of all. Possibly even those with a heartbreaking hatred and angry fists, striking upon those who wish to be treated equally.

I am evidence of expanding cultures and lifestyles.

I am evidence of a future that is to swarm the world, bringing assistance to those who fear the idea of binding and appreciating the differences of tongue, skin, and mind. Those who fear, cannot fathom—no, refuse to fathom—the possibility of a doubling, tripling, multiplying family, welcoming a world outside their own.

I am evidence of heart, not hate.

I am evidence of knowledge, not ignorance.

I am evidence of unity, not unison.

I am evidence of improvement and I am evidence of truth.

The heart and the soul of various cultures intertwining to create one love, unfortunately, thickens the fear within the uniform people. It brings forth a whirlwind of hatred fueled by confusion, having being used to living above, to living beside, never living with. Never together.

Let us avoid holding hands palm-to-palm, and advance toward holding hands fingers between fingers.

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Marie Melendez

I'm a novelist and poet who drinks way too much coffee and reads way too many books.

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