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BTS’s New Single ‘Butter’ is a Cool Shade Stunner – Arts + Culture

Now Reading: BTS’s New Single ‘Butter’ is a Cool Shade Stunner


BTS’s New Single ‘Butter’ is a Cool Shade Stunner

May 22, 20216 min read

BTS is back. Following their worldwide smash single “Dynamite”, latest album BE and historic Grammy nomination, the South Korean seven-piece released a brand new single, “Butter”. Like “Dynamite”, their new track is fully written and performed in the English language. 

The highly-anticipated “Butter” was released on Friday, May 21, along with a music video. In just one day since it’s release the video garnered over 112.8 million views on YouTube, breaking the record for the most views in 24 hours, previously held by the group’s own “Dynamite”.

Watch the “Butter” official music video here: 

Described as a “dance pop track”, “Butter” is a fairly new sound coming from members RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook. In the global press conference for the release of their new song and music video, Jimin stated that “Butter” is an easy-listening song infused with charisma and interestingly, “a kind of confession”. In the special countdown video preceding the release of the official music video, he also said that the septet would present more boldness in their performance this time.

Musically speaking, “bold” is also an appropriate term to describe the melody and lyrics. As an example, youngest member Jung Kook starts off the song with “Smooth like butter/Like a criminal undercover/Gon’ pop like trouble/Breakin’ into your heart like that”. Another example is Jin’s verse following the first chorus, where he sings, “Ain’t no other/That can sweep you up like a robber/Straight up, I got ya/Makin’ you fall like that.” Overall, the lyrics mesh well with the song’s smooth melody and fresh beats.

The accompaniment music video also showed us the charming choreography performed by the members. As SUGA stated the importance of their performances and it being one of their strongest points, “Butter” does a particularly good job of letting the members shine in that aspect. According to j-hope, popularly known as the group’s dance leader, BTS tried to reflect the song’s energetic and playful energy in the choreography. Along with their production team, they also made sure to incorporate different concepts, sets and styles in the music video; from dancing at an indoor court in colorful tracksuits, to hopping on a stage in black and yellow tuxedos.

BTS on the set of the music video for “Butter”. Source: BTS Official Facebook

With “Butter”, BTS has no doubt left an impression on audiences and their fanbase ARMY who they lovingly mentioned in their new track, as RM raps “Got ARMY right behind us when we say so”. Jin also mentioned his gratefulness for ARMY’s devotion to them and their work and expressed the group’s desire to “do everything together with [ARMY]”. 

RM, the group’s leader, also participated in the song’s writing process, particularly the rap verses performed by him and fellow rappers SUGA and j-hope. In talking about creating music for the group, RM stated that he and the members, along with their label Big Hit Music, devote much effort and consideration into their songs and “Butter” is not an exception to this idea. He said that the music they release reflect the stories that people want to hear from them. 

So now, what’s next to expect from the group? Well, their first ever live performance of “Butter” is scheduled at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards on May 23, where they received nominations in four categories, including Top Social Artist, a fan-voted category which they have reigned for four years in a row. 

BTS will perform “Butter” at the 2021 BBMAs. Source: BTS Official Facebook

BTS have also shared that they have been preparing for their 8th anniversary celebration, BTS 2021 MUSTER SOWOOZOO (소우주), an online live-streaming event which will take place on June 13 and 14. V previously said that it would be a bittersweet experience as they are unable to celebrate with ARMY. However, there seems to be a possibility of in-person seating for the event as well, if certain guidelines are followed. Online or offline, there is no doubt that the members would deliver a fun event that they can enjoy together with the fans.

In terms of new music, the group is also slated to release their next Japanese-language compilation album, BTS, The Best, which will be out on June 16. The tracklist will include BTS’s previously-released Japanese tracks, including their new song “Film Out”, which came out this April. In the meantime, Jung Kook said that he hopes audiences and fans would have a fun summer listening to “Butter”. (Don’t worry, we will.)

“Butter” is available to stream on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music.

Feature image source: Amazon Music on Twitter