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Call Your Mama To Your Crime Scene: “Brooklyn 99” Season 6 Episode 6

February 20, 20194 min read

Editor’s note: this article contains spoilers for NBC’s T.V show “Brooklyn 99.”

When I first saw Stephanie Beatriz (Rosa) promoting this episode, I thought it would be a light-hearted episode. I thought it would follow the tone of last week and feature many, many wigs. While it did feature Beatriz herself in several incredible wigs, the episode went much deeper than light-hearted.

The plot of this episode focused on Jake and Rosa solving a seemingly unsolvable crime. Since the episode only had one plot, it allowed the show-writers to really dive into Jake and Rosa’s dynamic and a personal issue they face. The duo arrives at a murderous crime scene. Picture this: blood splatters everywhere, a dead body with multiple stab wounds, and CSI agents milling about. Totally dope!

I love Jake and Rosa’s character dynamic in this episode. It really showcases how well they work as a team. They have adorable little quips like “Jake and Rosa’s First Impressions” and they play rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets to talk to the victim’s mother (Jake loses, always). They also keep each other in check. When Jake starts to go crazy about the case, Rosa pulls him back down to earth. The two are also very supportive of each other, especially when it comes to Rosa’s sexuality.

Both detectives are pushed to the brink when they are stumped by this cold case — they just can’t seem to find any leads! However, they can’t give it up. A major force in this episode is Jake and Rosa’s relationship with their mothers. Jake promises the victim’s mother that he’d solve the case because she, like his mother, was a single mom. Later on, Rosa also promises to help solve the case because the victim and his mother ended on bad terms.

Rosa’s arc in this episode was my favorite bit. She has a girlfriend who gives her all the wigs and she’s living her best life. Except, Rosa’s mother still hasn’t come to terms with her sexuality and they haven’t spoken for months. I really like how the show does an excellent job of portraying Rosa’s sexuality. A+ representation! Furthermore, by the end of the episode, Rosa confronts her mother and (surprise, surprise) it ends well! Rosa’s mother completely accepts her for who she is and it’s wonderful.

In the end, they managed to solve the case — it was a man hiding in the apartment vents that did it. It was a nice and sweet episode that still managed to keep me glued to the screen with an on-the-edge-of-my-seat excitement. We’re not very close to the middle of the season, so hopefully, the next episode will be something like this one: focusing on two people and fleshing out their characters. Hopefully, it’ll involve other members of the team like Terry and Charles or maybe even Rosa’s new girlfriend, Jocelyn! Either way, I’m definitely looking forward to some good detecting!

The next episode, ‘the Honeypot,’ airs on Feb. 21 on NBC at 9/8c.

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