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Camila Cabello’s Album Debuts, Simply To Rise Above Expectations

January 20, 20183 min read

After almost more than a year of anticipation, Camila Cabello’s self-titled album, Camila, sees the light of day and a prosperous performance on the charts. She embraces her creative control and manages an album where we drift from heartbreak to the everlasting reminder that we are capable of growing out of our skin and managing the weight on our shoulders.

The album starts off with ‘Never Be The Same’, easily serving potential to be a charting single. It takes a failed relationship and instead of reminiscing on the parts of the relationship she could have changed, she details the parts that have tainted her forever. She recognizes that her object of affection changed her, maybe for the better.

It seemingly comes from a place of self-reflection. The lyrics are paired with the melody with the point of being felt from head to toe. She is entirely responsible for creating an album that takes as an anthem for the kind of people looking for something to listen to at three in the morning (also known as me).

She continues through with ‘All These Years’, whose guitar chords could be held akin to Hailee Steinfeld’s ‘Starving’. It’s something easily missed considering the song beholds a two people coming together after years. It’s an accurate representation of encountering feelings that were thought to have been left behind. Her voice carries the song with the perfect amount of nostalgic melody.

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Cabello follows with Havana, her most popular single of 2017 and the absolutely tropical sounding ‘Inside Out’. The album feeds into ballads that cover the gruesome reality of relationships and how they transform us, friendships, and the very real feeling of never being enough.

Camila is closed with the completely electric ‘Into It’. The album, without question, was worth the wait. She’s held herself to a high standard with the production of the album. The lyrics are from touching elementary standards. She explores her vulnerabilities and excels them into heart-wrenching lyrics that provoke something from us.

After much criticism faced since her departure from Fifth Harmony, she’s released an album that single-handedly keeps her from being compared to anything she had released with her former girl group. Cabello has made sure that this album release belongs to only her.

Her album is available on Apple Music for purchase and Spotify.

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