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5 Amazing, Female K-Pop Releases of January So Far

January 20, 20184 min read

It’s only been three weeks since 2018 started, and even if most people would think the first weeks of January are the weakest in terms of musical releases (some people even call it an “empty house” at music shows), there have been quality songs that have captured people’s attention. Although we’re still waiting for Suzy’s comeback, here are five quality songs released in the first weeks of 2018.

Amber X Luna – “Lower”

The legendary stars from the successful group F(x) dropped this track on Jan. 5 with powerful choreography and outfits. With Amber’s characteristic style and Luna’s beautiful vocals, this dance track makes an immediate (positive) effect on the listener. They were certainly missed from the music industry (this is the closest we’ve gotten to an F(x) reunion in two years), and we’re hoping there are more releases in the future from the whole F(x). We’re watching you, SM.

Chungha – “Roller Coaster”

The ex IOI member, now soloist delivers a fascinating, dazzling song with a beautiful music video in terms of visuals and concept. The song is extremely catchy and nice to hear, with a delightful head voice on the chorus that fits the vibe of the song. Chungha is showing her many abilities and is starting to profile as a strong female solo artist. With her potential, in a few years, she could be one of the strongest and more popular in terms of sales. “Roller Coaster” was released Jan. 17.

Oh My Girl – “Secret Garden”

Oh My Girl came back with a dreamy song, which had divine visuals and a classy concept. Their velvet stage outfits left Knets in love, and the public is avidly waiting for their first win at music shows after their well-deserved success in Korean charts. Released Jan. 9, the song is worth the listen, and the music video is magical. Let’s hope they keep succeeding like this in the future.

Sunmi – “Heroine”

After her last fruitful smash-hit “Gashina,” Sunmi has come back with the sexy “Heroine,” which shows her vocal capability and her graceful but seductive style. With an MV full of aesthetics and colors and a demanding vocal song, with sensual low notes at the beginning, it seems like Sunmi is at the best moment of her career. She topped Korean charts and even scored a real-time all kill. Released Jan. 18, the Teddy creation has faced some controversy, but the thing is that there’s no denying this song is an absolute bop.

Momoland – “BBoom BBoom”

This song was released Jan. 3 and has been widely supported throughout social media. The girls from Momoland even got their first win on the music shows, thanks to this track, in which they show a colorful and joyful vibe through the music video and in their live stage presence. Momoland’s own member JooE has gotten massive attention on international sites due to her lively and cheerful attitude. Let’s hope this new year brings them more achievements. This song certainly has what it needs to be a hit.

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