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CHNGE Is Sustainable But Somewhat Unobtainable Fashion

May 9, 20184 min read

CHNGE, a newly launched clothing company based in Massachusetts, is promoting diversity and eco-friendliness with their brand.

With a campaign that promotes shared humanity, CHNGE seems to be using their profits for good.

Various representatives of CHNGE with typically unconventional backgrounds and appearances further push an agenda of inclusiveness, as well as diversity in society. While the brand’s empowering platform is positive and necessary, the high prices of their clothing products only cater exclusively to the wealthy. Because of this, CHNGE fails to adequately serve as a model of true diversity in the fashion industry.

CHNGE uses 100% of the “world’s finest” organic cotton in all of their merchandise that range from $49 to $149, as well as environmentally sustainable methods of production.

These factors add to the expense of the clothes, since they are being produced with costly materials and systems. Furthermore, donations of half of the profits made, while noble, also contribute to high costs that do more harm than help to the brand’s prices. When donating such a large percentage of profits, companies need to charge more money in order to turn a profit and stay afloat.

Unfortunately, students on minimum wage cannot afford such expensive clothing (for the most part). It is difficult to manufacture clothes that appeal to teens and young adults if it is unobtainable to the target audience. CHNGE cannot acquire “shared humanity” if most people are unable to afford to spend at least $49 on a cotton t-shirt with a small, simple design. There are various other affordable environmentally friendly clothing brands that you can support while remaining on a budget.

There’s no contest to the fact that CHNGE developing into a pioneer for environmentally friendly fashion is wonderful. We must do everything that we can to conserve and maintain life on this planet, and this brand is certainly doing its part ethically, which is great!

CHNGE’s donation of profits to a plethora of charities is a remarkable example of a company doing their best to implement positive change in this world. Nevertheless, the high prices of their products is a misrepresentation of the economic status of most of the global community. It is understandable that there are certain factors that will impact the price of a product; however, wearing an expensive brand with a beneficial agenda is only half of the equation. You can’t talk the talk if you’re unwilling to walk the walk. There are various small and easy steps that you can take to promote diversity and sustainability in your community. There are less financially-straining ways to effect change in this world than paying for overpriced items of clothing, such as making an affordable personal donation to one of the organizations listed on their site.

If you enjoy the styles that this brand produces, and it is affordable to you, then that is awesome! I am not suggesting that you should feel guilty about expressing yourself fashionably, as long as it does not insinuate hurtful, negative ideas. Regardless, it would be negligent to ignore the principles of inclusivity and eco-friendliness that CHNGE is attempting to strive for. It is also necessary for consumers to make a positive impact, even if it’s on a small scale.

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