Now Reading: Justin Bieber Tells Fan To Not Be Fooled By Celebrities’ “Glamorous” Lives on Instagram


Justin Bieber Tells Fan To Not Be Fooled By Celebrities’ “Glamorous” Lives on Instagram

May 9, 20183 min read

Fame always seems to have such a big appeal to us, especially nowadays as we have social media: a platform for false expectations and for celebrities to give fans an insight into their lavish lifestyle.

But in a recent Instagram post by Justin Bieber, post Met Gala, he warns fans to not be fooled by the posts that they see on Instagram. Whilst Justin is an A-Lister celebrity himself and a previous wild child, he recently has been staying pretty low-key and away from the public eye; he hasn’t been attending any award shows even though receiving nominations for collaborations such as “Despacito” and has also received nominations for ‘best fandom,’ both on multiple occasions.

In August 2016, Justin deleted his Instagram because his fans were sending abuse to his then-girlfriend, Sofia Richie, via the comment section. As someone who attended his concert in London in October 2016, I can recall Justin telling the audience he deleted his Instagram because he couldn’t be himself. This shows how celebrities are expected to be a certain way on social media. Since, Justin has gotten his social media back he has been totally himself and hasn’t felt inclined to be a certain way.

Sadly, most celebrities aren’t like this on social media, only giving fans a certain aspect of their lives.

And this can have a huge negative effect on people and give them false interpretations of the life of the rich and famous, when really what we see online is only a small portion of their real lives. It seems to us, as regular people, that celebrities are in their own bubble and are living in a different world to us, but they’re not.

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Bieber has told fans that celebrities lives aren’t any better than anyone else’s even though it may seem that way. Justin has dealt with problems of his own before, especially during 2014 when his fans loyalty and relationship with the singer was put to the test. We need to understand that celebrities are human too and understand that their lives aren’t any different from ours and that they make mistakes too. We treat celebrities in a very different way to the people around us and act like their lives are so much better, but we just need to embrace the fact that they are the same as us.

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