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College Freshmen, There’s a Storm a-Brewin’

July 3, 20174 min read

If you clicked on this article, chances are you’re about to embark on one of the best eras of your life: College.

Now, I just wrapped up freshman year and let me just say it went by quicker than I thought it would. College is wild and I truly can’t wait for the rest of my college career. So, I thought I’d share some words of wisdom with you all before you prance on campus this August.


10. Want a three-day-weekend? Avoid Friday classes like the plague. You’ll thank me later.


9. Rate My Professors is your best friend. Think of it as Yelp, but for college professors. Students can leave anonymous reviews on what they thought of a professor and their course.


8. You can totally wear the same outfit two days in a row. People in your Monday/Wednesday classes won’t know what you wore in your Tuesday/Thursday classes.


7. Try your best to get contact info from at least one or two of your classmates. It’s always good to be able to text someone on what you missed if you happen to be gone that day.


6. If your professor has office hours, go to them. I’ve learned that even if you already know the answer to a question, simply showing up to office hours proves to your professor that you took time out of your day and that you care about their class. Speaking to your professor one-on-one may be a little scary, but they’re there to help you.

*Going and talking during office hours might reflect on the outcome of your grade in a positive way.


5. Try to step outside of your comfort zone, you will only get to experience freshman year once. So, live with no regrets (within reason).


4. Your life isn’t over if you don’t pick your major in the first twenty minutes of college. Some students don’t pick until the semester before their third year. This is because the first two years of college are all basic courses which allow you to find something that suits you.


3. Take part in student “experiments”. This sounds weird, but hear me out: I got a $15 dollar gift card to Barnes & Noble for sitting in the library and reading a few pages out of a novel for an Education Major. Students need to conduct “experiments” for their practicum classes, and you get free gift cards. It’s a win-win.


2. Don’t feel pressured to live the college life that Hollywood places in every one of their movies. If you’d rather sit in your dorm and eat Pad Thai and Pad Cry while watching the How I Met Your Mother finale instead of living it up at a frat party, have at it!


1. As I said before please enjoy your first year, you will only get to experience it once. It’s one for the books.


With all that being said, good luck!

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