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Day N Vegas Sells Out First Year

November 2, 20192 min read

Photo Courtesy of Day N Vegas

With an oversaturated festival market, Day N Vegas set itself apart with having more than 100 acts for the 3-day festival. The line-up included heavy-hitters like J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Metro Boomin, Future, Megan Thee Stallion, Migos and more. Impressive for the first year.

With a diverse price point; Tickets varied from around $200 for a day pass to around $450 for a full weekend, and almost $1,000 for a super VIP package, Day N Vegas was able to sell out of all the tickets. In the business of festivals, it’s difficult to have this much success in the first year, not many festivals accomplish this feat. 

This is a complete surprise for a festival that many were saying wasn’t real. At first many said it was a scam. The location of the festival made it even more attractive. Located right on the strip allowed it to included loads of entertainment options for festive attendees before and after the festival. 

Many Day N Vegas attendees are already anticipating the return of the festival next year and with some suggestions for a better experience, “stage set up could be better. More trash cans, water stations, and bathrooms. More features for VIP like a free goodie bag of merch, like lighter and other things.” continued Jalen Deramu, ”more lights, especially at night. also, I would say to add more entrances would be better than one.” Despite this, festival-goers had a great time, “more light, a few more side activities like how other festivals have rides. These aren’t necessarily complaints though because the festival is still absolutely amazing.” says Alfredo Preciado

Whether or not Day N Vegas will return next year has not been announced. The future is looking bright for the festival as many people would love for it to return.

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