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DC Ends 2018 on a High Note and Anticipates a Strong 2019

January 9, 20193 min read

DC may be finally ready to step out of Marvel’s shadow. DC has been lagging behind Marvel for years, as highlighted by a series of disappointing movies: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad and Justice League (Wonder Woman was the only exemption from an otherwise sucky DC Universe.) Box office numbers finally began to reflect the low quality of these films, as Justice League grossing a mere $656 million (saying “mere” with $656 million may seem like a bit of an oxymoron, but considering that it cost $300 million to make, $150 million to market and an undisclosed amount to play in theaters, experts say that Justice League likely cost Warner Bros. 60 million dollars). 

It seemed like the DC Extended Universe was doomed. Then Aquaman hit the big screen in December. It was a hit with audiences and is on track to make a billion dollars. Making a billion dollars is a rarity for most films, and considering how Aquaman was received by critics (far from being considered a poor movie, but not one that was necessarily a cinematic masterpiece), a bright future may be in store for the DCEU. 

2019 looks to be promising for the DC universe. Shazam! starring Zachary Lezi is going to be released in April (it is the only DC film of 2019 that is part of its extended universe.) Early reviews of the movie seem promising, with one watcher claiming it to be “the best movie DC has put out since the Nolan Batman series.” Like Aquaman, the movie is much more light-hearted than other DC films. Another trailer for the film should be released later this month. 

DC is not losing all its darkness and intensity. Joker will be released later this year. Little is known about this film, other than a “disgruntled comedian turns to a life of a crime.” Though few plot details have been released, Joker promises to look into the minds of one of the most psychotic fictional villains in history. The cast of Joker features Golden Globe winner Joaquin Phoenix as the title character and the legendary Robert De Niro. The film already seems encouraging, with insiders praising both the script and Phoenix’s performance. 

2018 was a comeback for DC, and Warner Bros. does not seem to be losing speed in 2019. 

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