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Olivia Colman Had The Most Relatable Acceptance Speech at the Golden Globes

January 10, 20193 min read

Olivia Colman is a beloved British actress who has starred in hugely popular British TV shows such as the Peep ShowBroadchurch and The Night Manager. Most recently, she starred as Queen Anne in the historical comedy The Favourite. For her role in that film, she was nominated for a Golden Globe Award in the category, ‘Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy’. Even though she was tipped to win the award by many critics, she still looked very shocked when it was announced that she’d won. The acceptance speech that ensued was both hilarious and relatable. My favourite parts were when she said that working on The Favourite was “F**king amazing”, when she thanked her “b**ches,” (co-stars) Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz (who were also nominated, but in the ‘Best Supporting Actress in a Musical or Comedy’) and when she said “Thank you for the sandwiches”! I think most people would be so excited at winning such a prestigious award that they would also swear in their acceptance speech.

Many people now think that Colman is now very much in the running for the Best Actress Oscar. It will likely be a close race between Colman and Glenn Close, who won the ‘Best Actress in a Drama’ award at the Golden Globes for her role The Wife. If she does win the Oscar, let’s all hope that her acceptance speech is just as memorable and funny. The Favourite as a film is very likely to also do well at the Oscars as it has received a lot of critical acclaims. I have not seen it yet but I am planning to see it soon. The stellar cast shows that it will be a great film. Watch the trailer below, but be aware that it has an age rating of 15.

Colman will grace our screens again playing  Britain’s own Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown. She appeared on the New Year’s Eve Graham Norton Show, and amongst a few funny anecdotes, she revealed that they have almost finished filming the 3rd season.  Many people are very excited to see Olivia Colman in the hit Netflix series. It will be the first time that she has been watched on a worldwide scale. She is one one of the most beloved British actresses because she is extremely funny and approachable. She was loved by the US audiences in Broadchurch and The Night Manager, which were shown on BBC America. I am hoping the rest of the world take to her just as well.

Olivia Colman as the Queen in The Crown. Credit: Netflix

The Favourite is out in cinemas/movie theaters now!

Featured image Via The Independent

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